Reality TV Star and Successful Business Leader Jim Marchese Soon To Star in His Own Full-Length Feature Film

From the popular reality TV show Real Housewives of New Jersey, James Marchese, MPA, JD, commonly known as Jim Marchese, adopted the ‘villain’ title alongside his wife, Amber Marchese.

However, Marchese’s professional background as a litigator and financial thought leader is quite the opposite of his television persona. 

Marchese attained a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and a Juris Doctorate in Law from Seton Hall Law School, which he has put to good use, with his company Mortgage NOW, Inc., where he acts as the President & CEO.

Mortgage NOW, Inc. is an unsupervised title II Residential Mortgage lender and has aided in lending & Insuring over $10 billion in Mortgage-Backed Securities.

His company serves as a private equity, non-supervised Title II lender, allowing the company freedom to look at each client’s loans and make unique decisions that are beneficial on a case-to-case basis.

Marchese can further assemble several options for his clients and provide guidance that stands second to none through Mortgage NOW, Inc. His firm is open to clients of all backgrounds, from self-employed clients to younger clients like students in need of loans for their education.

The firm further aids people who have been affected financially by the pandemic and suffered income losses or inconsistencies within their income. Marchese strives to help people whose banks have refused to offer loans or financial aid.

His firm’s accessibility and unique business model and frameworks brought him mass success and loyalty. He is now identified as the main street lender rather than a Wall Street lender, who is only available to a specific group of people who meet certain criteria.

Marchese’s expertise ranges from mortgage-backed securities to employment and family law. Marchese used his Political Science degree and Twitter page extensively and was recognized as a top influencer with over 9.5 million impressions a month, surpassing the NY Times during the 2016 election.

While devoting his work full-time to Mortgage NOW, Inc., and successfully guiding the firm through both the 2008 financial crisis, commonly known as the great recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Marchese has worked on a short film project and limited series as an executive producer and actor.

This fall, the Marchese’s, who have been married for 15 years now, are executive producers on their first full-length feature film and limited series Abbadon. The limited series is set to release in 2022.

Abbadon follows two FBI agents who investigate a serial killer case. The storyline is based on the framework that the killings are cult-inspired. Marchese plays the character Massimo, who is interviewed throughout the film to provide more clues and clarity.

Jim Marchese’s character Massimo is an Italian banker locked up in Federal prison. During his time behind bars, he connects with his spirituality and tries to help fellow inmates do the same.

During Massimo’s interviews with the FBI, they uncover dark secrets involving prevalent people in an unjust world.

The pandemic truly worked out to benefit Marchese and Abbadon, as the feature was meant to be a short and a limited series at first. Yet, it evolved into a full-length feature film, series, and spin-off horror due to COVID-19 related delays.

This new project has been yet another addition to the many hats worn by Marchese during his professional career.

For more information, visit his website. Here is a link to Mortgage NOW Inc and Marchese’s IMDb page.