Real Talk, Real Estate, Real Success

The same way that the value of land increases after building on it, Todd Conklin transforms businesses with coaching and mentoring. First you have to put in the man-hours, transformation is only accomplished after long hours of intentional work. Todd Conklin is well known for transforming real estate businesses, which starts with a strong team and an impressive leader.

Who is Todd Conklin?

Todd Conklin has grown Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties from a two-person team established in a basement into a thriving, multi-market, 350 agent franchise which includes a commercial real estate division—Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties, named the top Coldwell Banker Commercial office in Colorado for 10 consecutive years. Todd not only has mastered success in real estate but has also found success in coaching. Todd is the founder of The Corner Office Coach, a high-performers coaching company that focuses on coaching business owners to master success in three key areas; business, health and life.

Todd possesses a passion for professionalism with a personalized edge. Through his growth from high-end resort properties to residential and commercial endeavors, helping other CEO’s grow their businesses and change their lives, Todd never loses his sensibility of what matters most: family. He resides in Grand Junction, Colorado with his beautiful wife Shannon and their three talented sons.

How is this possible?

Todd’s achievements aren’t a fluke, rather, the result of operating efficiently in the present but with a clear plan for the future. Clarity of mind is mandatory for businesses because life will present many obstacles to note and overcome, challenge and adjust, or avoid. A true leader will jump all hurdles and learn from their mistakes along the way.


But it wasn’t always so easy. Initially, Todd’s goal was financial success. At first, it seemed simple, but the most straightforward answers are not always right. Todd admittedly prioritized his business’s growth over his family—for their supposed financial benefit—yet efforts were counteractive. But once Todd realized that the growth mindset resulted from transformational leadership, his successes boomed. He shifted focus to helping others make the most of their livelihoods and add value to their decision-making processes. Treating people like people instead of paychecks goes a long way for the soul, more valuable than any one-time monetary transaction.

Learn from the Best

Todd’s company exceeded $1 billion in sales in 2020 as one of the REAL Trends Top 500 highest-performing brokerages in the nation for five consecutive years, with one of the 12 REAL Trends Game Changers of real estate at the helm. His work has been featured on the Swanepoel Mega 100 list and Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies. This success allows his colleagues to partake in Coldwell Banker Chairman’s Circle for the last four consecutive years, attaining a Closed Adjusted Commission Income of at least $10,000,000 for the year across its 13+ offices. For Todd, $10,000,000 is not money alone, but a reflection of problems solved and the people helped along the way—worth far more than $10,000,000 in Todd’s book.