Real Life Benefits of Best test series of CA foundation course

CA Foundation Course is the entry-level CA course provided by ICAI. Also, solving the CA foundation chapter-wise test series helps you to get good marks. Besides, This article gives the details of the CA foundation course.

CA foundation test series

CA Foundation is a partially objective and partially subjective test that comprising the four exams such as below:

  • Practice and Principle of Accounting.
  • Business correspondence, business laws, and reporting.
  • Business maths, statistics, and logical reasoning.
  • Business economics, commercial and business knowledge

The 1st two exams are subjective; however, the latter one is objective. Every exam is worth a hundred marks for a total of four hundred prints.

How to register for CA foundation

An applicant has to register for the CA foundation course by filling the online form of registration available on the website of ICAI. Moreover, registration for this course is applicable only for three years.

Passing marks for CA foundation

  • Forty percent marks at least in every exam.
  • Fifty percent marks at least in total papers after reducing negative marking.

Advantages of solving CA foundation papers

Learners who are ready for the CA foundation exams, solving the exam after completing the whole syllabus. It suggests that each learner must solve the sample papers of the ICAI mock test to get the best results. It is the method that you may recollect the process or ideas of the syllabus that you studied. These exams assist you in figuring out the earn efficiently and time analysis.

Moreover, you would also receive to understand which area you are missing behind or improving according to that. The main advantage of solving the ca foundation chapter wise test series or exams is that you would learn how to distribute time.

Frequently Asked questions

How are theoretical queries solved in the CA foundation exams?

There are two theory exams in the CA foundation: Business law and business correspondence or reporting, and the second is Principles and Practices of Accounting. The solutions should be exact or to the point. Do not miss any significant issues needed; you would subtract marks. So try to explain proper answer with a full explanation.

How to solve CA foundation paper quickly?

Firstly, try to complete your syllabus fastly for each subject. Then solve all the sample papers of to CA foundation, mock tests, and revision test papers by handling your time. Hence, crack the exam in a practical or precise way and with to-point solutions.

Final words

It can conclude that the CA foundation course plays a crucial role in students’ life as these exams assist you to figure out the earn efficiently and time analysis. So the student can easily understand how to solve the exam at the proper time. They not only get knowledge and experience but also get good marks and new ideas. So if you solve the CA foundation exams, you will get good grades and a bright future. So start your hard work and the instant outcomes.