Real Estate Opportunities in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan’s real estate market is regarded as one of the top 50 in the world. Pakistan’s real estate market is estimated between $300 and $400 billion. According to the Statistics Bureau of Pakistan, it accounts for 15% of total GDP. While just 2% of the cost of building is covered. Every year, overseas Pakistani adds 2.2 billion dollars. Most abroad Pakistanis, including those from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, send remittances and invest into the real estate of Pakistan. Pakistani real estate is divided into developing and developed areas. Semi-developed regions were considered while developing real estate. It is a trading real estate in which people usually invest for the intermediate or short term. The majority of those who are interested are real estate investors.

For example, a well-built, small-sized flat in Karachi may be purchased for as little as PKR 30-50 lakh. At the same time, having a luxurious home in the same city may set you back PKR 15-20 crore on average. Because of the wide range of real estate prices in Pakistan, investment in the country’s property market is appropriate for practically all types of investors.

In accordance with general trends, Pakistan’s real estate sector is now one of the most rewarding investment industries. The amount of money required to invest in the property market varies from situation to case. The two most important elements influencing the price of a home in the marketplace are location and size. Along with these elements, market trends play an important part in producing big fluctuations in property values. Get the idea from the Kingdom Valley.

Housing that is affordable

This is most likely the most pressing issue confronting the real estate business in 2022. It is becoming increasingly difficult for millennials to locate affordable accommodation near their places of work. According to the latest reports, Pakistan’s housing scarcity may become the worst in the country’s history. There will most certainly be an increase in demand, but a scarcity of “fairly” priced housing alternatives. Real estate agents will need to find answers to the challenge of Pakistanis’ increasingly inaccessible houses.

Pakistan’s Best Cities for Investing

The value of land in real estate is determined by a variety of elements such as commercial lands, unoccupied land, industrial land, residential land, and several other sectors.

In Pakistan, larger cities are still in demand due to its popularity few societies of Major cities are mentioned below:

Demand of societies In Lahore

The core of Punjab is a perennial favorite not only among natives but also among visitors. Lahore is always developing, and new developments are coming in, thus 2022-23 would be a good time to invest.

On top of the list is a hot topic in Lahore known as Smart City. This smart city is one-of-a-kind in comparison to the others. The people’ hopes and dreams are mirrored in the peacefulness and style of life.

Societies of Karachi

The “city of lights” is referred to be the “heart of real estate investment.” The largest city in Pakistan features a plethora of housing colonies and societies, making it a perfect investment property. According to reports, all the biggest names in residential housing society begin in Karachi. Malik Riaz’s Bahria Town of Karachi is another well-known name in real estate. It has cutting-edge living conditions, including workplaces, schools, vibrant natural parks full of greenery, and other essentials. DHA is Karachi’s second elite location. Furthermore, this housing authority provides a world-class experience of life. DHA is a popular among Pakistanis living abroad.

Islamabad and it’s major societies

Pakistan’s capitol is heaven on earth. The magnificent green vistas of the Shakarparian and Margalla Hills steal your breath away.

Islamabad appears to be a popular location for real estate investment. New residential developments and commercial developments are being built daily. The Taj Residencia is really a fresh and ideal site on federal land. The Sardar Group of Companies is introducing this initiative. Because of its popularity, this is still in high demand; both domestic and foreign investors prefer to invest in such community. Both governmental and private collaborations have contributed to the establishment of ICHS Islamabad. The goal of this housing organization is to offer refuge to those who are socially disadvantaged, such as widows, orphans, and disabled people. It is also highly valued by most Pakistanis living abroad.

Societies in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is the hub of rush and modernity. Rawalpindi is famous because of iits versatility and if we talk about its housing society Rudn Enclave and Phases of Bahria Town and DHA are still in demand due to their facilities and Popularities and one main reason for their demand is Giga Mall because it is close to theses societies and provides facilitative advantages. Shopping Malls, Gt Road and interchanges are the main reasons theses societies are going great in residential Real estate as well as in commercial real estate.


To summaries, property investment in Pakistan is, if not more valuable than gold, at least equal to it. Real estate now accounts for a sizable portion of people’s earnings in Pakistan. Invest in property by selling one or two plots, and your living level will be comparable to that of millionaires. The real estate industry also benefits from the new 2022 policies and packages, which contain incentives for both the working and middle class and investors. All of this will lead to more international and domestic investment.

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