Real Estate Leads – Get Them Through Lead Providers

A contractor or real estate lead providers are often the first people called when a family starts fixing up their home to sell or buy. They’re also the prime contact called when someone starts buying a home. This kind of knowledge of potential real estate business and access to potential clients means a contractor could be one of your best lead providers generation tools.

To find out how to occupy great real estate leads through trades contractors and lead providers, keep reading.

Meet Local Contractors

Before you can start building relationships with local contractors, you have to meet them. You can start by hosting a breakfast networking event and inviting many of the local trades people in your area, or go simple and just call up contractors or home service leads providers to ask if you can take them out.

That first meeting gives you an opportunity to meet the individual face-to-face, find out if a relationship could benefit you both and get your name and face in their mind.

Set Up a Lead Trade

A lead trade is just that – an exchange of leads. For example, if you had a client who was selling, but wanted to do some repairs to improve the appeal of the house, then you would give that client your contractor’s name. In turn, if the contractor had a client who was fixing up a home to sell, then he or she would give them your name.

A lead trade is a reciprocal, non-binding agreement that basically says “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

Maintain the Relationship

Going for lunch and exchanging business cards won’t build a relationship. To stay on top of a contractor’s referral list, you have to maintain the relationship and your level of contact.

Try to send a monthly reminder to all your referral contacts, whether it’s a simple note and your business card or a flyer with all your current listings and sales. Also, always remember to send a thank you for any referrals, particularly referrals that become sales.

Go Beyond Contractors

The home improvement business goes beyond contractors. You can find exclusive real estate leads possibilities with painters, carpet cleaners, cabinet makers and more. To tap into these less competitive lead markets, simply implement the same tips and recommendations outlined above.

You can get leads through contractors. Just focus on meeting them, setting up a lead trade, maintaining the relationship and going beyond contractors to more specialized home improvement professionals in the area.