Real Estate Entrepreneur Anthony Turco. rehabbing at risk Michigan cities

Born in Michigan, Anthony experienced a quick rise to success. He got into real estate at a young age. “Nobody believed in me in the beginning, not even my own family. I was a boxer. A lot of family didn’t think I was smart enough to do something like real estate. The only person that I could rely on was my wife, and she pushed me hard.” Anthony Turco offers great solutions for the current problems plaguing the real estate business. His real estate company focuses on buying, fixing, and selling properties in order to boost communities and help local investors like doctors, lawyers, and even other real estate entrepreneurs, function in real estate. Anthony helps other local investors gain the ability to take part in their communities, something many other real estate companies do not do. What separates him even further from other real estate agencies is that his primary focus is giving back to the community. Anthony says, “When I was younger, the areas I grew up in were pretty safe and nice; it started to fall apart and become pretty dangerous. It’s really good to be part of revitalizing the homes in the community and bringing it back to where it was before.” Anthony has partnered with local attorneys to help bring back these great cities. Anthony says: “Yes, we are fixing up houses, but at the end of the day, we are helping homeowners and we are changing lives. I never thought I would be in a position to help people like this. It feels great and this is what life is all about – giving back!”

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