Ready, Set, Click! 4 Children Photography Tips That’ll Help You Take Better Photos

Snapping pictures of your children as they grow up gives them a sense of belonging. As they grow, children see photo reminders of happy times as a family. 

Children and family photography session teaches kids to recognize people they trust. Giving children supplies to make scrapbooks gives them wordless ways to express emotions.

People assume children photography sessions are about making personalized holiday cards. Those photography sessions also set the stage for teaching children on their level. Some kids respond better to pictures than words.

Take a few hours to learn a few easy photography tricks. Use these tips to help your children set up a photography session this weekend.

1. Find a Location With Natural Lighting

Have you ever heard the term “Magic Hour” and wondered what it meant? It’s photographer shorthand for twilight hours when the sunlight isn’t too harsh. Bright sunlight creates shadows that make for washed-out children photography sessions.

The main goal for lighting your photo session should be finding diffused lighting. Shooting near twilight hours is one way to ensure proper lighting. The problem is, you’re racing against the clock before the sun goes away.

Dappled sunlight from a tree canopy gives you controlled lighting all afternoon. The trick is to avoid putting bright sunspots on the children’s faces.

2. Pick a Time of Day That Works Best for the Children

Photographers prefer the magic hour heading into the night. But for children photography, that puts their session time too close to bedtime. Cranky kids don’t want to deal with cameras and nice clothes.

Try shifting the photography session to sunrise, instead. Kids are more likely to find the energy for photos after waking up. 

Babies pose a different timing challenge. Posing a wiggly newborn is a waste of time. Plan their baby photo session during their usual nap time to make posing a breeze.

3. Upgrade Your Camera Equipment

Do you plan to use these photos for family cards or calendars? For a high-quality photograph, it’s best to use a DLSR camera instead of a phone camera. Look for something with a good sensor and a high megapixel count.

The lens you use is just as important to capture classic portraits. A portrait photographer will use something like an 85mm lens for headshots. Lens’ with a larger number pull focus toward the photo’s subject.

4. Let the Kids Be Kids

Is school photo season your worst nightmare? Children never pose naturally for their school photos. No one likes sending out pictures of forced smiles during the holidays.

The trick is to plan a photography session centered around something they love. Let the kids play with seashells on a beach. Snap photos while they explore the woods.

Forcing children to stand still for a portrait is like trying to photograph the wind. Allow them a little freedom, and their frowns will turn into smiles.

Use These Children Photography Tips to Capture All the Important Moments

Children photography sessions document their most important moments for them to remember. Seeing photos of themselves belonging to a happy family boosts kids’ confidence. 

Phone photos don’t always have the best quality. But if you use these tips, people will think you’re a professional.

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