Ready for Utah life? Here’s a list of the Top Places to visit

Thinking of planning a life in Utah? We don’t blame you. The state has topped the charts for offering a high quality of life at affordable living. Accompanied by 43 state parks, 5 national parks, and a diversity of landscapes, Utah is a state that represents a blend of modernity and nature. Beyond the scenic beauty and the natural outskirts with lakes, red rocks, and desert, Utah is also a developing economy with the prospering tech industry. 

The unmatched picturesque views and great chances of employment have made Utah the center of attraction for all Utah magazines, showcasing the ‘quality of life here.  Now, if you are one of those who are already considering their chances of moving to the state, here’s a descriptive briefing around the top places that you can consider moving to. 

List of the Best Places to Reside in Utah

  1. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the heart of the business and cultural development in Utah. One of the most rapidly growing cities in the state, it is home to great architectural examples and historic buildings that add to its active lifestyle element. Salt Lake City brings you an amalgamation of art, history, and modernity. 

You can consider moving here with your family as it has some of the best growth opportunities for people of every age. With great businesses to some of the best institutions, summing up the lifestyle in Salt Lake City can be challenging as its individual suburbs and neighborhood have their own appeal. As described by numerous magazines in Utah, it is a great option for people of every age.

Nearby neighborhoods and towns around the city include Sugar House, The Avenues, Millcreek, and Holladay.


Avg. High temperature in January: 39° F

Avg. High Temperature in July: 90° F

Annual Snowfall Record: 62 inches

  1. Logan

You can move to Logan if you want to live a life closer to nature. Home to Utah State University, Logan is a great environment to raise your child. The neighborhood is placed between multiple mountain ranges and is famous for its offering of a small-town charm. Its quick and real-time access to a number of outdoor activities makes it a perfect spot for living a well-balanced life. 

Interestingly, the job growth in Logan is similar to Salt Lake and other Utah counties. You can easily experience some of the best natural views at Logan. Situated at a 90-minute drive from SLC, you can experience a blend of both the cities at Logan. 

Nearby neighborhoods and towns around the city include: Providence, Smithfield, and Brigham City. 


Avg. High temperature in January: 31° F

Avg. High temperature in July: 89° F

Annual Snowfall Record: 53 inches

  1. Kaysville 

One of the closest neighborhoods to Salt Lake City, Kaysville, is a town that feels like an extended part of SLC. One of the best options if you want to go for an actual family-centric city, Kaysville is the right choice for you. Ranked as one of the best communities to live in, this city offers you a blend of both nature and great public schools and safety.

Interestingly, you can also get your hands on fun and entertainment in Kaysville as it is only a short drive away from some of the best tourist attractions like Lagoon (amusement park), Cherry Hill, and different water parks and campsite that offer multiple activities. 

Nearby neighborhoods and towns around the city include: Farmington, Layton, and Bountiful.


Avg. High temperature in  January: 38° F

Avg. High temperature in July: 92° F

Annual Snowfall Record: 42 inches

  1. St. George

The last option on our list is for the lovers of nature that can’t seem to get enough of it. If you are planning to move to a new city post-retirement in Utah, we suggest you move to St. George. The city is a mixed community of people from different parts of California and multiple entrepreneurs. One of the best parts about living in this city of scenic beauty is the great quality of life that it has to offer. 

Often described as a recreation and entertainment sandbox of Utah Life magazine, it is only two hours away from the sin city, Las Vegas. St. George is flourished with modern amenities and a number of golf courses, water activities, and a large outdoor amphitheater, 


Avg. High temperature in  January: 53° F

Avg. High temperature in July: 102° F

Annual Snowfall Record: 3 inches


Considering all the experiences Utah life has to offer, it is definitely the best state to start the second phase of your life. As described by numerous Utah magazines, if you want to experience quality living, Utah is the place that you move in!

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