Read to Know A Few Tips for Getting the Cheapest Car Insurance

Whenever you have to renew your car insurance, you should never simply accept whatever renewal price is quoted by your insurer. You must shop around by visiting any comparison site that does not take too long.

If you get multiple quotes then you can try to negotiate the price with your current insurer or even switch to some other insurer, who may offer you a better deal.

Money Expert can also help you to get cheaper insurance policies for your car and hence you may call them too.

The following are a few tips to get much cheaper car insurance.

  1. Shop around

As already mentioned before, by shopping around you can certainly get cheaper insurance for your car. However, you must remember to read all the terms and conditions too. While comparing them try to make an apple-to-apple comparison. 

  1. Only name regular drivers

You must make sure that you only include the names of regular drivers on your car policy. However, you can always include someone just for a few days if it will really require them to drive your car.

  1. Protect that no-claims bonus

There will be a significant saving that you can get in the form of a no-claim bonus by protecting your car from any accident. However, you must check as often it may be a very insignificant amount offered by a few insurers. 

  1. Increase your voluntary excess

If you agree to pay more for any accident repairs cost then your premium may come down. If you were not at fault during the accident, then the excess amount can be recovered. However, if your car is of lower value then don’t increase it too high.

  1. Secure your car

You must fit any approved alarm, or a tracking device so that you can get a discount of almost 5%. Many new cars usually come with all these as standard, hence you must ensure that you have them and also declare them.

  1. Do fewer miles

By reducing mileage, you can make a significant amount of reduction in your insurance premium. If you can manage to cut 10,000 miles then you can get a discount of even more than £100.

  1. Think carefully while adding young drivers

Adding the name of young drivers may end up increasing your premium and, in many cases, the no-claim bonus may also go away. So, make sure that you must include your name as a policy holder.

  1. Use the right car model

There are few cars especially any sports car will always attract higher premiums. So, whenever you are changing your car then you must ensure that you have chosen the right model that attracts less premium.

  1. Clear your garage

If your garage is used for storing all garbage’s then clear it and use it only for parking your car. There will be a sufficient reduction in your insurance premium if you are parking your car during the night within a proper garage

  1. Drive carefully

Be a better driver, as insurance companies offer rewards for not causing any car accidents.