Read This To Transform Into A Unique You And Manage Your Depression And Anxiety

With the ability to treat all patients with respect and compassion, as well as anticipate issues and work on them flexibly, Dr. Nazempoor is a renowned psychotherapist and personal coach from Dallas, Texas. Practicing for the past 21 years in the DFW metropolitan area, he has 2 active licenses from the state of Texas as a Professional Therapist and a Chemical Dependence Counselor, primarily dealing with Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse Issues, Managing Depression and Anxiety, sex addiction, and. Gambling. Therapy and coaching sessions are solution-focused and oriented towards achieving the ultimate goal which is empowerment of the patient.

Combining cognitive behavioral therapy techniques while blending confidence-building skills with business and career coaching, Dr. Nazempoor method is considered to be a new generation and has helped thousands of people manage depression and anxiety, as well as help them realize their Values ​​and achievements. They believe that everyone has an innate tendency to maximize their potential, however during the course of life we ​​can lose our way which can affect our mental state of the individual with weaknesses and positive rather than negative. can focus. By focusing we can get a clear head and get rid of tedious thoughts and toxic patterns. This idea is a cornerstone of the CBT technique used by Dr. Nazempoor and has earned respect and praise from many other professionals in the field of psychology.

Managing Depression and Anxiety

Since there is no one proven solution to complex problems, Dr. Nazempoor uses all possible methods to reach all possible solutions and proceed with the most suitable solution for the mental condition of the patient and provide better treatment. Cases where problems persist and no measurable progress is made or where a person is “stuck” in a moment in the past or tries to suppress their feelings, thoughts, and desires that they cannot relate to , First of all, psychotherapeutic psychotherapy is used. Getting into the patient’s mind and examining childhood memories and traumatic experiences. Once the patient accepts himself, he does not shy away from the business of remembering the Business and Career Coaching used to manage depression and anxiety.

Dr. Nazempoor, being a successful physician, wrote many articles and worked as a lecturer. He also founded Coaching for Emotional Intelligence in Texas, which aims to improve self-control and get rid of negative emotions while managing depression and anxiety. With the mental state of the patient being of utmost importance, Dr. Nazempoor is a trusted name in the field of psychology and we hope that he continues to gift people a healthy and stress free mind for years to come.