Read out these Do’s and Don’ts before Selecting the WordPress theme for your Website

How are you so considerate when it comes to selecting the toppings for your pizza? Even with so options, you just choose the right ones that make it look good and taste heavenly. So why not do the same for your WordPress theme. With so many options to choose from, you can choose what suits and go along with your business needs. Selecting the WordPress theme is not easy and hence you might need professional assistance from the best web design company in India. Before selecting a theme or tweaking it on your own, read these Do’s and Don’ts while selecting the WordPress theme for your website:

DO’s while selecting the WordPress Theme:

To determine the features before selection of Themes:

Before proceeding with the selection of theme, it is essential to determine the features you want for your website. You have all the say in selecting the features you want, all thanks to the feature filter of WordPress that allows you to customize the theme based on features. For instance, you can choose whether the content uploaded can be translated or not, or you want a flexible header or not, etc. Before selecting the theme, you should be very clear about what you want.

As the leading web design company in India, we will say that when it comes to themes of WordPress, minimal is enticing. The theme should constitute features that are required for functioning. Unnecessary addition of features will only look like clutter.

Do go for responsive themes

Gone were the days, when people have another website build up specifically for mobiles. You probably are aware of the term “responsive websites”. This ensures that the website is compatible with all devices irrespective of their screen resolutions and can be easily accessible by laptop, smartphones, tablets, anything for that percept.

Therefore, while selecting the theme, you need to ensure that the theme is responsive too. Responsive design is easily accessible and ensures that your website is super smooth and easy to use not only from a computer or laptop but from multiple devices. There is no doubt that people access these websites mostly from their smartphones. Choosing responsively designed themes ensures they can easily access these websites from their phones at any time. The whole layout of the website adjusts in accordance with the mobile screen, the widgets, the menu, everything is flexible in responsive themes.

Even if your theme boosts the functionality of your website, but unless it’s responsive, it’s futile for you. Hire the best web development company in India to build a responsive website backed with a responsive theme.

Do the color selection very carefully

In one of our articles, we have mentioned how web design impacts content marketing. It’s not just the content that is impacted, but the whole digital marketing is somewhere directly influenced by the visual appearance of your business website. Therefore be very considerate while choosing the color scheme for your WordPress theme. Try to make it in sync with the color of your business logo. If you’re going with pastels or neutrals, add a tinge of color here and there to make it more interesting and engaging. You can easily change the color of your themes by entering into custom CSS.

The pro tip here is to go for light colors for your website as they have proved to be more preferred by visitors. There is no harm in choosing the dark colors but they tend to have a direct impact on readability which tends to get reduced. Also in dark colors, web designers are not left with extensive choices to design elements to a great extent.

Do go for theme testing

WordPress offers you a plugin named with a “theme check” to test the efficiency of the installed theme on the website. This plugin is very substantial as it helps you in testing the theme on all standard metrics set by WordPress. It is essential to run your theme on a trial before making it live in front of the whole world. You can see whether the theme is functioning well or not or is surpassing your expectations. You can then proceed with choosing or continuing your search for an ideal theme.

DON’Ts while selecting the WordPress Theme:

Do say no-no to a bloated theme

Features are fine as long as they are devised for improving the functionality. If you clutter your theme with features, it’s going to backfire. A theme rich in functional features is fine, but if you go overboard with it, it is going to affect the performance of the site. Therefore it is necessary to seek the professional assistance of a web development company in India to know more about the features that are necessary and help you.

You stumble across several websites offering options of gaming in the side widget. This might seem alluring but could affect the site performance as well. Moreover, if you’re thinking of installing any such thing on your theme, get one thing very clear. For their installation, codes are often used from the internet, which means intently creating the loophole in security. These features surely function in engaging the clients but not for the purpose you’re aiming at and put your website security at stake as well.

Don’t go for themes with inscrutable fonts

An inscrutable font is exactly the opposite of what you are striving for – user-friendly experience. One of the essential things every business needs to incorporate is to make it easy for your audience to access your website and to navigate through it. Hence it is suggested to keep your fonts simple, elegant and readable. Never risk your readability in exchange for styling.

We hope that this piece will help you in selecting “just the right” theme for your website. Your theme is very vital for your website and hence don’t just rush in choosing the theme that just entices your eyes. Hire a web development company in India to develop a dynamic website with attractive and functional themes.

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