ReactJS vs. React Native? Which is best?

ReactJS is a Java Library but React Native is the complete framework; thus, they complement each other and are necessary. ReactJS helps you in web apps but React Native is best to handle Android and iOS apps. There are specific differences between ReactJS and React Native, and to know which is best, keep reading the article. 

What is ReactJS:

Before knowing whether ReactJS is best or NodeJS, you must understand what they are. The foremost thing you must know about ReactJS is that it is a JavaScript library with an open and accessible front end. The primary purpose of ReactJS is to build UI components or user interfaces. Facebook and other communities control ReactJS. Above all, if you want to develop any mobile application, you can use ReactJS. ReactJS development services have high performance and ensure maintainability; therefore, web app development companies use ReactJS. 

What is React Native?

React Native was created by Meta Platforms, Inc. and is an open-source UI software framework. It is used by Android, iOS, Android TV, tvOS, Web, UWP, Windows, Web, and macOS to develop applications. React Native enables developers to apply React framework with native platform capabilities. Its developers include Facebook and the community. It’s also a JavaSCRIPT framework to write accurate and native mobile applications for Android and iOS. 

How ReactJS and React Native are different:

You use ReactJS when you want to develop a high-performing UI Layer. Thus, it would help if you went for ReactJS to create a UI Layer, which works best for you. However, React Native is best for building cross-platform apps on Android, iOS, or even the Web. Therefore, both of these serve a purpose. To choose the best one, you must always look for what work you are doing.

Which is best for Animation:

React Native uses an animated API to include Animation to different components of React Native. Hence, for Animation, ReactJS is best and not React Native. On the other hand, you can easily do Animation in ReactJS through CSS. 

React Native supports Android and iOS:

One can easily use React Native to build mobile applications that are production-ready. It is a React Native that easily supports Android and iOS. On the other hand, ReactJS works best for web apps. 

React Native is easy to handle:

Even if you are a new iOS developer or a beginner, you can still use React Native easily. ReactJS is difficult to handle, and if you are a beginner, then do not use ReactJS as it is not easy for a developer to develop an app with ReactJS. Thus, React Native is easy to handle and best. Therefore, you do not need to hire React Native developers as it is easy to handle and not difficult like ReactJS. 

Which is best for Heavy Functionalities:

The best thing about ReactJS is that it speeds up the process and does not slow down the development process of heavy functions of an app. In contrast, if you use React Native, it will slow down due to rich functionalities. Thus, for heavy functionalities, ReactJS is best. ReactJS works for Heavy Functionalities, React Native is best to give a native feeling to your mobile applications.

Which takes more time to initialize:

Another drawback of React Native is that it takes more time to initialize than ReactJS. The JavaSCRIPT thread takes more time to initialize; therefore, it would be best for you to go for ReactJS. There are different React Native development companies, and you can also take help from them but do your research and find the best one for your work. 

When to choose ReactJS and React Native:

ReactJS and React Native are pretty similar yet different at the same time. Facebook is the developer of ReactJS as well as React Native. However, there are particular issues where you use ReactS or React Native. If you want to develop a web app, go for ReactJS, designed to work best for web app development. In contrast, if you’re going to create a mobile app, do not choose ReactJS but go with React Native, as it works best with mobile apps. 

ReactJS vs. React Native? Which is best for the future:

If you talk about ReactJS, it has a specific function to perform, and the same goes for React Native. Both have a bright future as each is designed to do a respective work in the development field. 

ReactJS and React Native both have pros and cons. However, there are certain instances when ReactJS can solve all your problems and works the best. On the other hand, React Native also serves a specific purpose and is best to develop Android and iOS apps. It will depend on any react native development company to make the appropriate choice as per their project requirement. Therefore, it depends on whether you are developing a web app or a mobile app. You must read the full article to understand whether ReactJS or React Native is best for your work.