Re-Hiring a Former Staff? Things to Remember!

Letting go an experienced staff is a tough decision for any company, nevertheless, when an employee gets a better opportunity, she/he moves on and the company looks for another employee. In times of a pandemic like COVID-19, several companies lost their valued employees as the downfall in the economy has led to a huge crisis around the world.


Amid the crisis, it is hard to keep a regular check on customer support, in-house service development, B2B lead generation, and other business responsibilities, which is why companies rather try to find ways to keep themselves alive. In such times if a former employee wants to re-join, what should a company do?


Well, lead generation services and customer support are some significant services of every organization, thus if a former employee wants to re-join and take care of the responsibilities, you should not hesitate. Nevertheless, be assured that she/he has the potential to take care of your functions.


It is obvious that at such times, you might be in a financially unstable situation; nevertheless, hiring a former employee who has the former experience of your functions can help you grow.


Hiring a fresher might not get you boosted returns. However, having faith in an ex-employee can be your key to success.


With some advantages, there are some limitations to think about before hiring a former employee. Here we pen down the good and bad of hiring former employees, check out:


1. Check the privileges

B2B lead generation, customer support, software development, etc. are amongst the most needed services for a business and if a former employee wants to re-join, you should hire them after checking the perks the organization will receive from them.


Hire the former employees only when you have a requirement of their field and make sure to train them again so that they become aware of the small changes made.


Hiring an ex-employee, companies are charged less hiring costs, and the team is familiar to the person, which helps to work faster. Thus, it is good to hire an old employee again!


2. Interview is necessary

Thinking that hiring an ex-employee there is no need for an interview session is wrong. Every time you hire an ex-employee there has to be an interview process followed by a training session when hired.


If your company is considering hiring back again, make sure that the to-be-employee is interested in becoming partners again. Discuss the new norms, check their expertise on the same, and hire when you are fully confident that the partner will help you boost business processes.


While the interview might be different from the normal interview sessions that the company takes for fresher, nevertheless, skipping it is not the solution.


Assuming that the ex-employees knows what they have to do is wrong. Rather explain their responsibilities and even aware of the changes that the business has witnessed while they were away.


3. Consider the rest of the team too

When a business plans to re-hire an ex-employee, it is the company’s duty to think about the entire team before the hiring process is complete. Since the ex-employee may not have a good repo with the present team members, so rehiring can make the office environment bitter.


Thus, compare all the consequences before finalizing a former staff. Interact with the team members and ask them about how the former team member can help in boosting business productivity. If they give a positive response then only think of considering the person.


Keeping the communication transparent, there is less chance of miss-communication and less chance of un-productive results in business functions. Listen to the hesitation of the team and finalize the former employee only when the present employees approve her/his presence. After all, maintaining employee satisfaction is essential for the business too, as it brings enhanced service results.


4. Clear the expectations

When a business plans to bring back an old employee to the company, it has to re-think over various aspects.


Amid all the things that companies have to think about, clearing the business expectations to the former employee before hiring is most significant. Once a person leaves a company, some potential changes come with time. Therefore, the hiring representatives need not forget to clear the expectations to the candidate.


Like normal new hiring, make the employee understand who they have to report, and clear the deadlines too so that she/he re-joins only when comfortable.


5. Discuss all necessary conditions

Most of the employees re-join a company thinking they will stay the same and enjoy the same work environment. Therefore, discuss the possible conditions with them and explain the requirements.


Tell them all about the changes made since they left and let them know that they would have to work accordingly. It is equally crucial to be clear about the challenges and expectations that may come their way and explain the same in detail so that the re-hired employee has no complaints later.


Also, explain to them about the organizations’ career expectations of them so that they chose the job wisely without any second thought.


6. Check the limitations

Once you think of hiring an ex-employee think of the limitations too. Think of the reasons the employee left the organization and hire them only when it was valid to you. Check the employees’ feedback with the current employees and ask the managers to share their reviews so that it is easy to take a wise decision.


Most companies worry about their B2B lead generation services a lot and look for experienced employees in the same. So if in this pandemic time, you want to uplift your lead generation services, outsource to a former employee if you feel she/he has adequate experience and loyalty.


If the employee left because of performance issues and showed dis-interest in following business schedules and responsibilities, it is better to look for a fresher.


7. The significance of paperwork

Paperwork is taken to be a tedious task and for re-hiring an old employee, companies do not take paperwork seriously. Nevertheless, paperwork is crucial and companies need not avoid the procedure ever.


All legal documents and paperwork are essential for the future, so keep a record.