Raycon Earbuds – Review

It would seem easy to find good wireless earbuds. There are so many choices that it should not be difficult to find a good pair. For every pair of quality earbuds there are a few that don’t work. If you aren’t careful, you may end up paying full-price for earbuds you expect to perform well. So how can you find the best pair for your price range of earbuds?

Overall Design

The Raycon E25 Earbuds (2021 Version) almost look identical to the originals. The cosmetics are virtually unchanged. These are in-ear, compact buds that have no protruding jewels. The shells of these buds are made from a satin-plastic material that is both resistant to fingerprints, and easy to clean. And unlike many wireless buds, they don’t come in boring black. These earbuds are available in black as well as white, red and rose gold.

The package comes with five different sets of gel-filled ear tips. The gel material can be worn comfortably and is extremely flexible. E25 earbuds make a great choice if you plan to use your earbuds long-term. However, gel material can wear faster than silicone. After six months, the buds will no longer fit in your ears as well. You’ll be able to get plenty of backups. The five tip sets also come in different sizes. The result is that even if you have unusually large ears, you can still find the right fit.

The back of each earbud will have a grey Raycon Logo. These logos roughly correspond with the earbuds’ touch control. To perform many functions you can tap or press the button, double-tap, or double click. You can play or pause music, answer and end calls, as well as bring up the voice assistant. These controls are not always as intuitive and work sometimes as expected. The left earbud cannot be used to play or stop. If you are only using one earbud, this can become a problem.

Audio Quality

Raycon Everyday earbuds are similar to the original in audio quality. It isn’t quite studio quality but it is fairly rich across all frequencies. The bass is rich and punchy, the highs sound clean and clear, as well as the wide soundstage. This results in a feeling that there is space, and a real separation between instruments. It creates a feeling of “living” sound, whether you listen to music or watch a movie.

The E25 buds offer three audio profiles, which in addition to being similar in overall quality, are also very comparable. These three EQ settings allow you to adjust the sound without going overboard. This allows you to modify the music’s feel without needing any third-party applications. However, the overall profile is more heavy on the bass than one might think. This is a feature that was prominent in the original 25, which are known for their powerful bass sound. Even though the EQ appears to be flat, you will still hear a lot more of the lower frequencies.

The Raycon E25Pro may be a better option for you if you prefer the E25 with less bass. Another E25 model, but this one is designed with a flat EQ. It doesn’t have a lot more bass. However, you might not like the bass it produces.

The E25s come with an exclusive “Awareness Mod” that will amplify outside noise. It works in the same way as transparent mode on a pair ANC bud, but these buds don’t have ANC. The Raycon HTML50 and H100 might work better if you require ANC. They have excellent sound quality and can cancel out any noises. They’re also full-sized and over-the ears.

Final Verdict

The Raycon The E25 Earbuds (21 Edition) offer a great upgrade to popular earbuds. The E25 has more to offer than just earbuds. It features longer-lasting batteries, sound modes that are more dynamic, and is water-resistant. You will love this new model, even if you are a fan the original E25.

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