Rap Entrepreneur Rob Twizz: Artists Should Plan For Retirement

In the music industry, there is not much discussion on the shelf life of an artist and what happens years down the line when a career dwindles. If you are signed to a major label or a subsidiary, you may qualify for health insurance through AFTRA but for most musicians, there are not many benefits available. Rob Twizz – a long time independent recording artist is working on spreading knowledge regarding the significance of planning for retirement and making the right investments.

Rob Twizz has recently seen success with his new project “If Not Now Then When” which independently debuted #15 on the U.S Hip-Hop/Rap iTunes charts. Prior to the album, he has made appearances on nationwide segments such as MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, MTV Rapfix, Thisis50, VladTV etc. His music has been heard on major platforms such as Hot 97, Sirius XM Radio & independent stations across the globe. He has elevated his career by taking on the business side of music. Rob, a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business has used his platform to collaborate with major brands such as Sparbar – a newly introduced boxing invention, taking on the role of brand ambassador. He believes investments inside and outside of the music industry are important for artist longevity. Here is what he had to share regarding artists planning for their futures:

“In the music industry us artists are the last ones to get paid. We invest in studio time, music production, lawyer fee’s, distribution, music videos, etc. all up front and when it is all said in done, at the end of the quarter you will receive your earnings. Now more than ever, with Covid restricting live performances, it is important for artists to invest and plan their futures. Most artist do not make it past 3 albums, regardless, if there are 1500 major artists across the 4 largest record labels, there are about half a million artists in the world who are moving around independently. Only the largest record labels offer a form of health benefits and life insurance but no retirement. We end up seeing our idols at older ages still having to perform or even work an every day 9-5 to sustain a career. The hip-hop genre has now tested the course of time being around for nearly half a century and we are growing to see the original emcees get lost in the dust with no funds at older ages.

There is absolutely no shame in working and having a normal corporate career outside of music. I urge all people to move their funds into an IRA and take advantage of any 401k opportunities especially if a company is willing to match. Most thriving musicians have passion for the art of making music but also get into it for the hopes to be financially stable and put themselves in a better position long term. Realistically, outside of music there are many ways you can guarantee to retire with 7 figures. The investments you make today will impact you tomorrow. The $30,000 chain should be a $30,000 property down payment. The $150,000 car should be $150,000 stock investment or anything that will make your money work for you with a higher rate of return. I hope schools begin to educate the youth on working these realistic outlets and I also challenge these record labels to step it up and formalize a union for the pioneers who put the money on the table.”

Rob Twizz plans to continue to collaborate with upcoming brands and pursue his financial investments through various outlets. That being said, it is nearly 2022 – we see Crypto booming, we have online businesses booming now more than ever, don’t miss your opportunity to secure your bag. If you need financial advice, please seek a professional advisor.

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