Rakuten Review 2022: Does it really work? Know the in depth of it’s cashback

I love saving money and I’m sure you will too. What if you could earn cash back on your online, purchases your shopping as usual. You’re just adding one extra button. I will show you how hi. I’m Nicole and I’ve earned over two thousand dollars in cash back using rakuten formerly known as Ebates. I have been using it for about four years. It’s super easy and we’ll go through step by step tutorial to show you how to To set it up. It really only takes a couple of minutes.

We will pass. I’m going to show you my dashboard showing much money. I’ve earned back. What is uncertain different purchases? And you’ll totally understand how it works. I’ll also show you a sneaky way to earn cashback on products that never seem to go on sale. So watch till the end.

So you catch that. I liked this video is not sponsored. I’m just a huge fan of rakuten because I use it on everything from travel to make up to clothing to suffer house. You can, you can sit all over the place. So, I just wanted to share. Also, everyone is signs of Racket, and don’t get a Cone and if someone uses your code, they get 10 extra dollars for their very first purchase using rakuten. And then you get, I forgot it. It varies.

Do $10, $15 28, just depends on what they’re doing at that point. So I do have one of those, I’ll put it down below. But if you have a friend or someone else who has, when you could obviously because there’s two, but do you somebody’s code so that you get the extra ten dollars in your first big fat check. That’s what they call it.

When they send you your money, every quarter. They can put in your PayPal account or they will send you an actual physical check. Let’s dive into my computer and I’ll show you exactly how it works. I mean, honestly, when you see this, you’ll be wishing. You had started earlier. I always do they’ve been around for so so long.

I can’t believe all this started four years ago. This is the rocket Insight. You can certainly start here. But there’s also a really cool trick. I’ll show you where you can install something and chrome bar, where you don’t ever even have to go here. What you want to check out your big fat, check balance mine right now. For August, is going to be a hundred seventy eight dollars and twelve cents at this point unless I buy something else and add to my Big fat.

Check stash. So you can see recently, I purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. I’m getting three dollars and Thirteen Cents back, Expedia for $23.90 and Sephora for a dollar eighty, seven. My lifetime reward is two thousand thirty-seven dollars and that’s over four years. So about five hundred dollars a year on. Just basically clicking on something before I shop. Now, you can see here.

There’s some special bonus offers that they’re telling me about and some of my favorite stores are double cash back now, just because it says double cash back, doesn’t mean This is the best that it gets Macy’s was 20%. Last week. I ordered my son pots and pans that were already 50% off and now I’m getting 20 percent cash back on those and it was about $150.

So another $30 off. So really, really good stuff here Priceline. That’s actually pretty good for Priceline. You kind of get to know what’s good or not. Good. If you go to the all stores area, you can, of course, search for storage. You look alphabetically. And you can tell it’s everything maternity wear Hardware. 

Clothing, quilting bicycle and you know, all kinds of stuff here. But let’s say we want to shop at Macy’s, just hit that shop now button and it will pop you over to Macy’s. Nothing is different at all. It’s just like shopping at Macy’s as you normally would. You just shop away. Check out as you normally would and whatever you spend you’ll get that percentage back added to your big fat. Check bonus.

One thing that I would highly recommend you doing is to install the silver bracket in Chrome extension. The reason being look at what it does. It’s so cool. So you Type in any store. I’m putting in the Lululemon. I love lemon and little do automatically. See how it’s blinking right up there. I didn’t do anything, but then it pops up.

This activate 2% cash back. You didn’t have to do anything. So if you forget, don’t go to the website to start. You don’t have to, it’s wonderful. And then if you go to a website that doesn’t have it. I happen to know for a fact Nordstrom doesn’t for some reason or some rack does. But you see how it’s just staying purple. It’s not blinking at you. Nothing’s popping up now. If I clicked on 

It. It’ll try to offer me a few places that I’ve just been or things that thinks I might like that have cash back. But Nordstrom does not have the cash back. I find this extremely helpful in shopping because sometimes you just don’t think about starting at the Ebates website. Here comes my top tip on how to save on items that seem to never go on sale. Let’s say you want a specific item like I want Apple earpods. Okay.

My daughter wanted these for Christmas last year and they just don’t go on sale. So, I typed in Product, that is looking for and this popped up, different places that sell them and what the percentage back is. But then also look at here, top stores at Christmas time when she wanted them. This was 15%. So I went over to Macy’s started my shopping trip, which at that point was 15% are shoot. Last week was 20% Gosh.

I want a pair of those. I should have got some anyway, and then I will just go ahead and type in what I’m looking for. And I know it’s LM because I’ve just showed me that they did. Did. 

Back or last week. It could have been 20.

So that’s a great sneaky way to save and items that just don’t go on sale. Here’s a screencap of my last two payments from rakuten. It says, Ebates the best is because they change their name. If you want me to do another video, that shows you how you can get cash back while shopping in store. Yes, physically shopping in a store and use your credit card. Hope you enjoy this post! Thanks!

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