Quirky Tyre Innovations That’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet

The only thing that’s constant and permanent today is the change. There’s hardly any industry or business today, that has not been touched by the innovations. This applies to the tyre world as well. With technology taking a quantum jump, the research and development teams of the tyre manufacturers are toiling even hard to create tyres that become trailblazers for the future. These tyre concepts are surely going to revolutionize the tyre world in the coming decades. 

In this blog, we bring you such amazing tyre inventions that’ll transport you to an altogether different world. Tyres have been an important part of cars since time immemorial. From being round black circles to the current day radial tyres Milton Keynes, they have come a long way. Here are some tyre inventions that’ll change your life forever, making your life more comfortable than before. Let’s read them further. 

Uncommon tyre inventions

·      Charge your car as you drive

The BH03 tyre unveiled by Goodyear in 2015 was a remarkable concept showcased to the world. The speciality of this tyre is that it can produce electricity through the materials used in the tyre. When these materials are put into action in the tyre, they trap and convert the heat into energy. This energy is what keeps the car moving ahead. This tyre then works like any other normal car tyre. 

These tyres are typically meant for EVs (electrical vehicles) and are meant to increase the rolling resistance of these vehicles. 

·      The tyre that doesn’t need the air pressure

Strange, right? But Hankook made this possible. The Korean company brought a kind of revolution into the tyre industry by eradicating the need for air in the tyre at all. Hankook claimed this tyre to be a non-pneumatic tyre and hoped that it could perform at par with other traditional tyres. The company calls its tyres as iFlex. It also claims that these tyres have been tested rigorously and they’ve come out in flying colours in all the categories. 

These tyres are durable, hard and provide stability on the road. All these qualities were achieved without compromising the speed at all. iFlex tyres work very well with EVs also and they are said to be eco-friendly as well. 

·      The tyre with the 3D print

This concept was incepted by tyre giant Michelin. There are just too many qualities in one tyre itself. To begin with, this tyre would be printed with a 3D design. What’s more, is that Michelin claimed to have procured this design from nature. The cellular structure of coral seems to be the motivation behind the astounding design of the tyre. This bio-sourcing ensures that the tyre never gets to face any blowout during the middle of the journey. This is a rechargeable tyre and has the capability to enable send signals to its user about any potential danger on the road. 

Michelin says that these winter tyres Milton Keynes would let their drivers know of patchy road conditions or weather not turning out accordingly. Another bonus that you get along with the tyre is the tread that can repair itself. 

·      The tyre that acts as an air-cleaner

This is yet another marvel produced by Goodyear. The tyre colossus calls it ‘Oxygene’. It’s given this special name because it uses the technique of photosynthesis to clean the air. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the air. This tyre aims at improving air quality for all the people living in cities. 

Its modus operandi includes live moss on the sidewall of this tyre. This helps in absorbing the moisture from the road. It’s equipped with artificial intelligence and that’s what helps in running the electronics of the vehicle. 

Ever thought tyres could be this intelligent? Well, they are now. We just need to wait for the prototypes in the market.