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With over 30 years’ experience working in the entertainment industry as a performer, choreographer, producer and coach, Quintin James has seen and done it all.


As a respected Confidence Coach, Quintin works on building a greater sense of natural confidence with his clients, no matter where they are in their confidence journey. He works with corporate high flyers, celebrities, sports athletes, and people just like you and I who would like to be more confident either in their chosen profession or just in their general everyday life.


We all need a confidence boost every now and then and having a professional guide you through the process and who is by your side step by step can be paramount to your success.


Quintin also works with children and teens to help them with the ever growing pressure of school and adolescence. With the rise of online bullying and the feeling of never measuring up to the insta models, the need for Confidence Coaching has never been more sought after and needed.

After spending most of his life working with entertainers, runway models, beauty queens and celebrities, Quintin is now focusing on bringing all those years of knowledge and experience to help others. He is leading the way and cementing himself as the go -to guy for Confidence Coaching all around the world. His mission is to help build a greater sense of overall confidence in people so they feel empowered and proud to achieve whatever they set their mind too.


We all deserve happiness and success, don’t wait for it, go out and get it. Use whatever tools are at your disposal to reach your dreams. Having a confidence coach is a great tool to have.

By connecting the confidence dots you suddenly become a clear confident person. Confidence is the key to all success.


Quintin James