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QuickBooks Point Of Sale(POS) has hogged more lime light to the brand QuickBooks by enabling quality services for accounting. It has helped QuickBooks in many ways to make it the one-stop solution for accounting. There are a variety of features that this software provides, you can have a look at them.

  • It adds to the prestige of QuickBooks as a brand by making it a trusted one.
  • It allows you to accept card payments.
  • It helps you to build CRM by enabling the feature of ring sales and rewarding your customers with things like gift voucher.
  • You have the benefit of tracking your inventory at every stage.
  • While you accept some payment or update your inventory, QuickBooks take care of updating your books as well, hence saving your time & effort.
  • It comes with different versions like basic and pro.
    Having so many benefits of one software make it a bit complex to use at times. We at QuickBooks POS Support are placed to take care of every minor complexity that you may encounter using this software. Feel free to call us at Quickbooks POS support phone number 1 888-783-O343. Our team works round the clock to take care of every problem that comes your way. We have a set of highly skilled, dedicated and well-informed customer care executives that take their job quite seriously and work their way till the end to get you rid of all the problems you may face using QuickBooks POS. You can reach us at quickbooks pos support email id: . Without compromising with the quality of assistance, we work 24*7 to resolve all your issues that may bother while using this excellent accounting software. You can also reach us at quickbooks POS customer care email id: .

Quickbooks POS Basic Support

There are various versions of QuickBooks Point Of Sale that have quite interesting features of their own. These are Basic, Pro and Multi-Store. As QuickBooks POS support team we take care of all the errors that you might face using this software. Before having a look of how our support team works, lets discuss in brief about the various versions of QuickBooks POS mentioned above.


This version of QuickBooks Point of Sale comprises of many unmatched advantages and it goes without saying that it has numerous benefits that can help enormously for your business’ growth.

  • The first attractive feature it offers is ring sales, where you can use the barcode scanner or even enter the item name and number manually to add discounts and maintain customer’s information for the purpose of maintaining high-end customer relationship.
  • You can easily get rid of payments.
  • Like every other QuickBooks software, POS also offers the feature of tracking your inventory.
  • You are able to maintain basic reporting easily.
  • It gets easily integrated with QuickBooks Desktop financial software.

In spite of delivering such enormously useful features, sometimes in this version of QuickBooks POS you may come across with some unwanted errors. The QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number +1 855-907-0605 is where you can contact us. Our customer care executives are always ready to assist you with the best solutions of every problem. Our team is robust, highly-skilled and customer friendly. While there is a flood of calls at times, you may not be able to reach us over phone instantly.


Quickbooks POS Version Pro

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro is another exciting version of QuickBooks POS. It comprises of several amazing features.

  • Firstly, it has all the features of Basic such as benefits of having advanced reporting, ring sales, tracking of inventory etc.
  • It enables you to manage your employees and their payroll in a synchronized manner.
  • It offers you the benefit of layaway, where you have the provision of securing an article/item by paying a certain amount in order to purchase that item later.
  • It offers you to reward your customer with some goody-bags in the form of gift cards.
  • It offers a kind of loyalty program to your customers.
  • It also equips you with enormous benefits like advanced reporting etc.
    Having all these features in a software, make it pretty exclusive and a little bit challenging to handle. We at QuickBooks POS technical support team provide highly-knowledgeable, hard-working and efficient customer care executives that are quite vigilant while listening to your problem and give the best solution in no time. You are always welcome to call us at quickbooks point of sale support phone number 1 888-783-O343.

Quickbooks POS Multi Store

This is the third version of QuickBooks Point of sale. It has all the features of QuickBooks POS Basic and Pro version along with some extra features.

  • It helps to manage your employees and their payrolls.
  • It gives you the benefit of advanced reporting.
  • You can maintain good customer relationship by having ring sales.
  • You can offer your customers some rewards and gift vouchers.
  • You are able to take advantage of the layaway facility.
  • It enables you to manage multiple stores. In case you have a chain of stores, this QuickBooks POS version makes it easy to manage all of them.
  • You have the provision of managing as well as transferring your inventory in the most seamless manner.
  • Amongst all your stores you can have the facility of advanced sales & inventory.
    As Quickbooks POS Support team, we target on resolving every single issue that triggers using QuickBooks POS software. Our team works 24*7 and you can contact us at any odd hours to get your issues resolved. We make sure of landing you of any trouble in the least possible time. Give us a call at quickbooks POS support phone number 1 888-783-O343 or mail us at quickbooks pos support email di: and get all you issues resolved.