QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Facing errors during your installation? Fed up of your operating system popping up the error messages? Wondered why you would even get installation errors? 

To our simple understanding, you must know that QuickBooks uses Microsoft Windows components to install the QuickBooks Desktop on your system. Now it’s common to know that if one of the components is not properly installed or has stopped working, your computer may throw up these errors. 

QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is designed smartly to resolve the installation errors during QuickBooks Desktop on the PC. It can resolve errors pertaining to .NET framework, C++, MSXML and as well some bugs like:

  1. QuickBooks Error Code 1402
  2. Intuit QuickBooks Error 1603
  3. QuickBooks Error Code 1904
  4. QuickBooks Error Code 1935

This smart piece tool can automatically fix up these errors and it is that easy to keep you away from configuring it yourself manually.

To do that you must know how to install and download this smart tool to fix up things!

Download and install QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

  1. Download the link from here to install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  2. Save the file on your desktop and you could see QuickBooks Desktop install Diagnostic tool.exe file.
  3. Make sure to close all the applications running on your system and then double click on it to run the file.
  4. When you run it , it tries to fix up the issues. You need to restart the PC and open the file to check if it has solved the issues. 

We are done with the installation now! Are you curious to know how it can fix up the installation bugs?

Follow me along with the next part to proceed with.

How QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can find ways to help you out

Solution 1: Launch the tool

Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

As mentioned in the above steps launch the QuickBooks install Diagnostic Tool and run it to see the results.

Now if it did nothing, then come go on to the next steps and run the install Diagnostic tool to fix the issues!

Another way to fix up is here.

Solution 2: Don’t remain outdated

With a new laptop, what’s fun if you’re still using the old versions of Windows components right?

You need to have updated versions of .NET framework, C++ or MSXML to get your installation  happen right!

Windows Update Settings
Windows Update Settings
  1. Hit the Windows key on your keyboard. Search and Enter for Windows Update.
  2. Move ahead to download the updates. And follow the instructions without failing. Once it is done install the updates and restart the system.

Windows Update

Next step is for the worst case scenario.

Solution 3: Manual fix up

At times when QuickBooks install Diagnostic Tool can’t solve the issues, and it has to go out of it’s horizon, that’s when it fails to do so. And you may need to manually install the necessary requisites to solve the issue.

And a last way to go about this,

Solution 4: Pick your method

Open Run Command`
Open Run Command

This method is named as Start-up method.

  • Hold Windows key and R together and wait to see a popup with rum command.

Run mscofig

  • Type Msconfig in the open section and hit OK.

selective startup

  • Now when you see the different window popping up for you. You are already in the General tab. Under the Selective support section, check on the load system services box.

selective startup services

  • Now hover over Services tab and uncheck the Hide all Microsoft Services box. Click on the Disable all button and set to restart your PC.

So this is how the smart technical tool can resolve the issues for you during your installation and relieve you from the screen popping errors.