QuickBooks Error 1904

When using QuickBooks for business or personal finance handling, you are in a comfort. As, everything from payroll, tax, financial management, to knowing the profit/loss, performance, and how to control money. It gives you in-depth guidance on almost everything and anything. QuickBooks, with its great pros, is also a witness to some serious cons that can’t be avoided. 

The proper of QuickBooks is the errors that users witness when using it. One major most common  and also very stubborn error is the QuickBooks error 1904. Like you, their many users arevery curious to know the purpose of the error and to get rid of it. If you wish to know everything about this error, stay tuned!

The Possible causes of QuickBooks error 1904

Although, many people complain about this error majorly arising while QB desktop installation after upgrading the operating system. Let’s see the other possible reasons for this error. 

  1. It causes when your company file gets damaged or is corrupted. 
  2. There can be a possible issue with the setting of the file that seems to be incorrect
  3. Sometimes, the QB error 1904 could be caused majorly due to having multiple issues at the same time. And you are constantly troubled with messages mentioned about specific file issues such as dll, qbupdate.exe and more. 
  4. This particular problem occurs when there is an issue with the file or a folder being damaged such as the MS Visual C++.
  5. If you have upgraded or shifted your operating system from one version to a newer one, you might face some errors as you have rebooted your computer system after the upgrading is done.

Few things to Remember During the fixation of the QuickBooks error 1904

  • If you use a QB data manager, this won’t fix the error. You must download the actual QuickBooks tool
  • This error is surely an error in the Microsoft Windows error, they occur mostly due to installation or when running as an administrator
  • Double-check if you have installed the Original and actual Quicbook.exe
  • As you click on the OK button, when the error is shown while installing, the installation completed message will occur on the screen
  • Run QuickBooks as administrator only

By following these steps, you are surely going to see the entire fixing of the error process run


How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904: QuickBooks services

  1. With the help of QB Tool Hub


  • If you can download the QB tool Hub, it will help you easily remove the error. It gives you a smooth, quick, and instant experience. 
  • Close your QuickBooks
  • Download the latest version of the QB tool hub. If you have an older version, make sure you upgrade it.
  • Go with the installation and agree with the T&C


  • Open the QB tool hub
  • Under the tools, you can navigate to installation issues
  • Click on the QB install diagnostic tool
  • Run the installation and let it take about 20-25 minutes
  • Once the tool is completed, restart your computer and navigate to QuickBooks
  • See if you can easily open the QB, if yes, the error has been solving. If not, you can move ahead with the other process mentioned below.
  1. Manually Fixing

Even after the installation of the QB tool hub, it didn’t work out, you can resolve the error. If you are an IT professional, you can choose and follow the troubleshooting process easily. Make sure that you do not do it without having any IT knowledge, a professional person’s help is needed to get the work done systematically. 

  1. Make changes to the Windows Setting
  • Switch to a window administrator account
  • Navigate to file explorer
  • move to common files available under program files in your C drive
  • then, do a right-click on the common files
  • Choose properties from the drop-down list that appears
  • In the Security tab, choose on the edit
  • From the section, choose the name- group or user names
  • Now, a section with the option ‘permissions for users’ will be seen, choose then and turn on the necessary permission
  • Turn on- modify, read, execute, list folder content, write and read
  • Once done, press Apply and then OK
  • Then, again Install QuickBooks and then sign out of the admin account 
  • After that, log in with your account
  • Once you see that your QuickBooks account has been opened without any error, this gives you the clarification that there is no longer an error.


With this, you will be able to solve almost all sorts of errors that pops on the screen. You shouldn’t waste any further time and install the QB tool hub to get rid of it or do it manually.