QuickBooks Error 1601

QuickBooks is one amongst the often used accounting & monetary management software that aids to figure with multiple users at a time. However, this software system isn’t fully free form errors that may interrupt you work. QuickBooks error 1601 happens once users are putting in QuickBooks desktop or doing QuickBooks update. QuickBooks error 1601 is caused by a broken Microsoft Windows Installer or by a damaged QuickBooks Desktop installation. during this article, we are planning to facilitate QuickBooks users resolve this errpr. Usually, Error 1601 seems to users as:-

“QuickBooks Error 1601: Windows Installer isn’t accessible”

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 1601?

There are many causes behind the on top of java error code 1601, namely,

  1. This can be caused once the windows get infected with a virus attack to associate the software package.
  2. The problem is caused once the QuickBooks downloading file is faulty.
  3. This issue is additionally caused once the Microsoft Installer gets corrupted.
  4. Windows installer error 1601 happens once there’s no permission to place within the QuickBooks system or a Windows OS.
  5. This issue additionally happens once all the files are fastened.
  6. All programs are infected with malware lead to error 1601 furthermore.
  7. If the Microsoft Windows installer gets corrupted.

Methods to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1601

Method 1: Check windows installer service

In order to fix the QuickBooks error code 1601, the user can check and reinstall the windows installation service. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  1. First of all, Start the system, and hit onto the “Start” button.
  2. Enter the “MSC” in the search window.
  3. In the pop-up screen, select the “services (local)”.
  4. Perform right-click on the “Windows- Installer” and “Properties” tab.
  5. In the “Properties”, go to the “Startup-Type”, verify if it is “Disabled”. If it is disabled, then choose the “Manual” tab.
  6. Choose the “Service Status” and to enable the Windows set it to “Start” icon.
  7. This fixation method will solve the error 1601 if it was the Windows installer problem that made the Error to appear. If not, then proceed with the next fixation method.

Method 2: Registering the windows installer again

  1. You have to click on the Start button, then you have to enter “cmd” in the search box and press “Enter.” A new Command Prompt window will display.
  2. At the prompt, type “msiexec /unregister” and press “Enter.”
  3. Type “msiexec /register” at the command prompt and press “Enter.”
  4. Now you have to close the Command Prompt window.
  5. You need to Log out of Windows and restart the computer. You have to install the program that caused the Windows Installer service error.
  6. Now, Go to ‘START’ and you have to click on ‘WINDOWS+R’
  7. In the command prompt, key-in the message ‘exe/unreg’ and click on ‘OK’
  8. A pop-up message asking for confirmation will appear. To confirm, you have to click on ‘OK’
  9. Again, click on ‘START and then click on WINDOWS+R
  10. Now, in the command prompt, you have to type ‘exe/regserver’ and click ‘OK’
  11. Once the confirmation message appears, click ‘OK’ to confirm and check if the error 1601 still persists or not, by installing QuickBooks software.

Method 3: QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is created to automatically diagnose and resolve issues with Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++.

  1. Save the downloaded file to the desktop
  2. Open QuickBooksDesktopInstallDiagnosticTool.exe
  3. Select all positive options to initiate the repair process & complete the troubleshooting by QBinstall tool
  4. After the tool finishes the repair process, restart the system.
  5. Check whether QuickBooks error 1601 still persists, If yes move on to the next solution.

For more troubleshooting for QuickBooks Error Code 1601 user can visit us on the internet and connect with QuickBooks Helpdesk through email or live chat. Users can also opt for a quick rectification through our QB Helpdesk Number i.e. +1(855)548-3394.

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