Quick Tips to Help You with Plumbing at Home

Are you facing issues related to a clogged pipe, excessive water pressure, or dripping tap? Well, worry no more; plumbers in Oakville will help you out instantly. But there will always be times of emergency when you will need to fix things by yourself. 

Here are some of the handy tips that will help you out in case of an emergency:

Locate all the main valves

Before you plan to settle completely in a new house, get to know where the main valves are present. Knowing this will help you turn off the water supply due to a burst pipe or any other emergency. 

Also, you should know where the main drain line goes through your house. Learn about the access points that lead to the sewer line if you want to do regular cleanouts. 

Know what is flushable and what is not

Do not clog the bathroom sewer with the toilet trash, for instance, toilet paper or any other waste material to avoid toilet clogging. Even flushable wipes, at times, can clog your toilet. 

Avoid dumping garbage in the drain

Avoid dumping kitchen materials such as grounded coffee, vegetable peelings, food debris, and so on down the drainage system. These can clog the drain and can even increase your workload at the later stages in case the kitchen garbage disposal accumulates over time. 

Avoid puncturing your pipes

Check for the drainage pipe or supply line if you plan to pound nails or drill holes through the floor or wall so that you do not puncture the pipes accidentally. One way to do so is to use a stud finder to locate the pipes that might stay hidden behind the walls. 

Make vacuuming your friend

Use a dry vacuum to suck out small or hard objects that might get stuck in the drainage. This will help push out the objects stuck deep inside the drainage; otherwise, it would be difficult to remove them later. 


Plunging is useful when you are clearing clogging sinks or drains. In case you want to clean the skin traps, make use of a sink plunger, and push water before you detach the sink trap. This will help in cleaning out the mess efficiently.

Make fair use of plumber’s tape

Sealing pipe threads are useful when you want to prevent water leaks in the joints or tap fittings. You can seal the pipe threads with high-quality plumber’s tape. Wrap the threads around the tape before you connect joints or fittings. 

Always check your plumbing system for leaks

Check for leaks in the pipes by running the water through them. Open and close the valves so that you do miss out on the small leaks in case something is wrong. Also, you can reseal the leaking connection whenever required.

Well, these were some of the tips that will help you during emergencies. You can also check out Oakville plumbing in case you are having trouble with plumbing in your house.