Quick Tips To Clean The Straw Hat

When the sun shines brightly right on top of your head, and the weather is pretty, there is a high chance that you will not go outside without a straw hat. During crisp Fall days, beach outings, and tropical vacations, the straw hat is something that you must carry with you. Straw hats come in numerous shapes, such as cowboy hats, Fedora hats, floppy hats, and seston hats. But if you are thinking about how to clean your straw hat? Well, the process is pretty simple. There are several steps you have to follow, and it’s not that complicated. So, let’s check them out.

Tips On Cleaning Your Straw Hat

Given below are several tips that will help you clean your straw hat quickly and effectively. Look below!

1. Take a dry and clean cloth and eliminate all the dust, dirt, and other debris from the hat. Straw hats come in light shades, so it will be better to use a white-colored cloth for cleaning. It will help you to easily get rid of all the dirt it has in store.

2. When the straw hats require more than superficial cleaning, you can proceed forward and use a damp or wet cloth to learn the surface of the hat.

3. You can also use a bit of liquid soap on the straw hat and make sure to put the soap on the damp cloth itself. First, you must try small areas of the hat before you continue on all the areas. Also, please do not use a soaked cloth as it will damage the hat.

4. Wipe the hat in a counter-clockwise or circular position. Doing so will prevent you from destroying the weave pattern of the hat.

5. In a well-ventilated place, put your straw hat to dry off. Also, make sure the place you put the hat should not have any sunlight.

6. When it comes to straw hats, such as the ones with curve brims and cowboy hats, you can easily place them upside down. Doing so will allow you to preserve the shape easily.

7. To remove stains from the straw hat, you can begin your work by pouring some cornstarch and talcum powder right on the stained area. After that, patiently wait for an hour or two so that the powder gets to soak in the hat. Take a cloth and wipe off the powder and check to see whether the stain is gone.

8. A damp cloth will help you remove all the lotions, oils, and makeup from the hat with no hassle. Just make sure to take a wet cloth and add a bit of liquid soap to it. It would help if you immediately used it on the hat once you noticed some stains on it. When you act quickly, it will prevent the stain from sitting on the hat permanently.

Eliminate The Stains And Dirt From The Straw Hat

Straw hats have become a lot popular these days. They protect your head from the sun and enhance your appearance as well. They come in many styles, and you can buy them from anywhere. But when it comes to cleaning, you must use the items that will not damage the hat. Use the best set of items for cleaning your straw hat so that it doesn’t become discolored or experience any damage.