Quick Reference Guide: Online Festive Season Shopping During COVID Times

Things have really changed since the time coronavirus has entered into the picture. The way we lived our lives before, carefree and independent seemed to have somewhat changed. The situation is such that we need to think twice before stepping outside even to shop for some necessities. But all thanks to some online shopping websites which have made it possible for us to shop from them at the comfort of our home. These online shopping websites are trying to normalize the situation just like the earlier times by extending their products and services on regular days as well as on some special occasions/festivals. Well if you are one of those people who wish to shop their hearts out during the festive season, then here’s how you can follow these tips to get your hands on the best deals while looking for Rakhi gifts for sister, this Rakhi season. Pull your socks up and start shopping as you read through these tips and tricks to ace your shopping game at the comfort of your home, this year.

  1. Sign up for early bird offers – To make the most of the festive season shopping, experts would advise you to sign up for exclusive offers like early bird ones. By signing up for early bird offers, you can actually end up knowing and availing of some of the best offers, discounts, vouchers, or prices way before other customers. So make sure you do that! 
  2. Follow Social Media platforms – To stay updated and to find out all about a brand’s promotion/deals one can stalk various social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram,etc., of their favourite online brands. As you wish to see what’s up this festive season with your favourite online brand, they would even start doing social media postings around their big festive sale season. For example, ahead of Rakhi some brands would love to launch their newly launched beautiful silver rakhi online collection to inform their customers and to offer them some heavy discounts while shopping for them. So do watch out for their social media accounts to gather more information on their festive season sale.
  3. Plan Ahead of the season – Here’s a very important tip that you must follow if you have lots of things to shop, this festive season i.e make a list of things that you want to shop from your online store, way before festive season actually starts to kick in. Also make sure you don’t go overboard with your shopping just because you saw the word SALE written over the website. Doing so you will end up spending more than your planned budget for the sale, and thus it wouldn’t make any sense. So to avoid such situations, make a list, adhere to that list of things, do your research well and apply those coupons/ voucher codes provided by such online shopping websites.
  4. Shop As Early As Possible – Sale is one such thing which doesn’t stay for much longer as everyone tends to get excited and wants to make the most of such a golden opportunity. So make sure to shop for your festive goodies at the beginning of the festive sale period. You may never know when the products you wished to buy got “out of stock”.
  5. Don’t just shop for some known brands – Why shop for a t-shirt worth Rs 2000 from a reputed luxury brand when you can get the exact same thing in a few bucks less? Don’t shop from big brands to enjoy the very essence of such a sale shop from lesser-known local brands with a good reputation. This way you will redefine your love for sales and online shopping ever again.