Quick Guide On How To Develop Service Marketplace App Development

Service-based apps are becoming more and more popular as it helps get tasks done conveniently. With the help of such apps, people can easily find people who are willing to work for them. Although most of the service-based apps are popular due to the services they offer, there is one thing that makes a major difference between all of them. This difference is in the way services are provided to customers.

For instance, iTask is actually a mobile app that allows people to get their tasks done by other people. With the help of this app, you can easily find people who are willing to do any task for you at a very low price. In addition to that, iTask also allows its users to gain profits from their work by allowing them to become taskers to achieve this goal.

There are many other similar apps available on the market for both iOS & Android platforms. Still, iTask stands out from them all due to its simple design and user-friendly interface. So if you want to make your own Service Marketplace App development Like iTask then you should definitely consider the business model of iTask.

Insights into iTask’s Business model:

iTask is a Service Marketplace App where people can post various tasks and get help from local taskers. This app is similar to TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Thumbtack, etc. However, a sharing economy-based marketplace platform, iTask’s business model is very different from others. It comprises two primary segments: 

  1. iTask Service Marketplace: 

This is where professionals from various fields register and choose and elaborate their areas of expertise. Next, they just have to wait until an end-user finds them and requests a task that they can accept or reject. 

On the contrary, the requesters, who want to get something done, will post requests that taskers can see, apply, and communicate with each other.

And the app makes money via transaction fees on every task completion when the requester pays the tasker. 

  1. iTask Delivery.

iTask offers a special delivery service for customers to get their parcel delivered through its drivers. Customers just need to choose the item type, enter Pick-up and Drop-off destination, and book the delivery.

At the same time, iTask employs drivers that want to earn extra at their convenient time to accept and deliver the customer items.

iTask makes between $5.9 to $54.9 on every parcel delivery order depending on the distance and parcel weight.

develop a service marketplace app like iTask

Why develop a service marketplace app like iTask?

Do you want to provide users with the services they need on-demand? Does your business require a platform that connects service providers to users? If yes, then you should create a service marketplace app like iTask. 

iTask is one of the fast-growing on-demand service marketplaces in the world. The unique idea behind this concept was to connect service providers to users by bringing them on a common platform through an app. This helps users get their jobs done easily and gives the service provider a chance to reach out to more customers and expand his/her business.

Such gig or sharing economy-based apps allow taskers to make extra for their living and solve every household issue. Hence, the demand for apps like iTask is on the constant rise. And whoever creates a service marketplace platform, shall succeed similar to Thumbtack, iTask, TaskRabbit, and so on.

Service marketplace app features 

Now, when you develop a service marketplace, you must outline your app features meticulously. Given app features play a crucial role in making the app user-friendly. 

  • For end-user panel

Social sign up

Search tool with filters

in-app payment with

multiple payment options

Ratings and reviews

Personalized profile with location information

GDPR compliance with privacy protection

Direct chat/video call support

Push notifications and reminders

Downloads – receipts

invoices, and/or booking information

Request tracking

  • For taskers panel

Personalized provider profiles

Service listings with customization

Central order console or activity dashboard

Geo-location support

Bookings/appointment/order management

Direct chat

Ratings and reviews management

Promotions and marketing

The earnings report and analytics

  • App Admin Features

User management

Provider onboarding and management

Reporting and analytics dashboard

Service listing review and management

Service Marketplace App development

Things to consider for Service Marketplace App development Like iTask

Lastly, before you start developing a service marketplace app, there are a few things you can consider and ensure success. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the market;
  • Study your target audience and location;
  • Think about the profit model, revenue streams, and monetization strategies for your app;
  • If you’re going to build a platform for people to hire development service providers, you’ll need to make sure that the app can be adapted to each region;
  • Consider how much money it will cost to create the app and what skills you need in the team.


Whether you’re a small business or an individual, if you want to provide services, then you must develop a service marketplace app. A service marketplace app is the easiest way to connect with your clients and get your services fulfilled. Not to mention, it’s one of the most lucrative app ideas for startups to grow faster with the digital-only company.

Sanjay Kidecha

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