Quick Get Away @ Perth Boat Charters; What’s In It?

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The Perth boat charters take you to amazing destinations and allows you to enjoy attractive locations such as Carnac Island, the Swan River and the Rottnest. These  are  rare and  hard to reach locations, so the next time you think about going deeper to experience how the  sharks and other marine life live, Perth boat charters  would  be  an ideal  choice for you and  your loved ones.

Enjoy seeing sea lions, the globe’s rarest species.

The Sea Lions are certainly the rarest species on this earth and they are only available in South and Western Australia. These species have a lifespan of up to 20 years. In most instances, you can find them resting in rocks on sandy beaches. Other than  enabling you  to view  Sea Lions, Perth boat charters  allows you the  experience  to  enjoy the  globe’s famous  pinnacles  from inside the water, and  also  put your fishing  skills  to test. There are several fishing hotspots that are along the way which will enable you to catch fish and experience the good feeling that comes with it.

Take a stroll past different jetties.

On your boat-chartered trip, you will come across different jetties where you can take a relaxing stroll past them. This is an awesome attraction, especially during the high season for rock lobster fishing. In most cases, this is from the months of November to June every year.

A fantastic experience worth the cost.

Perth boat charters offer a worthwhile experience at an affordable cost. Although deep in the water, the weather conditions are cold, and you will be able to see sea lions and a variety of other rare species. If you want, you can swim with the sea-lion pups and enjoy playing around with them. The boat staff are highly knowledgeable and are able to explain everything in detail.

You need to make a reservation.

The boat charters in Perth are recommended for all age groups, but it’s advisable for you to book in advance. It’s free for infants who are below the age of three, while children from the age of 11 and above will need to pay $45. Students who have a maximum of 16 years are charged $60, while adults will need to pay $85. It is best to book ahead of time and reserve your slot.With these boat charter tours, you get to experience fishing, watch the whales, and also enjoy the amazing lobster tours.

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