Quick FAQ about Olympiad Examinations

India’s leading Scientists and Academicians dreamt of identifying and nurturing young talents. With the support of  Indian Talent Olympiad, students are getting sharper in Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills.

What are Olympiad Exams?

These are National and International Level Exams. It seems quite hard and extra burden for students but contrarily, in reality, the Olympiad Exams help students improve in various ways.

The students get a platform to showcase their talents. It helps them gaining confidence and to understand that every goal is achievable if you work with dedication and consistency. Apart from this, the Olympiad Exam helps them improve their social and academic knowledge.

Is it hard to crack?

Yes, Olympiad Exams are not that easy. It has huge competition. But proper guidance and right study materials with a willing heart are more than sufficient. The exam might be hard but you can always learn. A consistent effort is the only thing between you and your desired rank.

How many types of Olympiads Exams are there?

The first one is the National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) and National Essay Olympiad (NESO) which comes under National Level Olympiad.

The second one is General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), English International Olympiad (EIO),  International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Math Olympiad (IMO),  International Computer Olympiad (ICO), etc which comes under International Level Olympiad.

And the third one is the Kindergarten level. 

How to get the material to study?

You should go with the combination of below-given conventional sources to cover up the topics asked in the Olympiad Exams.

  • Get the study material on the official website.
  • Follow Your Regular Academic Books. It can help you most as the exam is based upon your regular school syllabus.
  • Solve previous years question will help you to get confident and understanding the question format and all.

For your reference, dedicated Olympiad books are available in market and online for preparation to crack the exam. These books are conceptual for a better understanding of the chapters. You can search for International English Olympiad books or other stuff on our official website.

What are the Tips to crack Olympiad Exams?

  • Create a time table and stick to that.
  • Be a master in time management.
  • Go through the syllabus and referenced books.
  • Start earlier to get more time to prepare.
  • Revise more and more.

The Benefits of Indian Talent Olympiad

  • This is the leading Olympiad Exam. The highly competitive nature of this exam helps students understating the competition they have to face in the future.
  • Olympiad Exams are designed and developed under the supervision of experienced professionals and academicians. Ensuring that it tests foundation, analytical thinking ability, and problem-solving skills.
  • One can’t compete here without having genuine knowledge of various subjects. The list includes Science, Mathematics, English, Drawing Art, and General Knowledge, etc.
  • Awards and Prizes worth rupees 5 crores are given to students and those hardworking teachers and their schools.


We have provided the necessary information related to the Olympiad Books & exams. Kindly visit our official website for any other query.


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