Questions You Should Ask Before Opting For Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is a process of bleaching or lightening the complexion by using chemicals. The main objective of skin lightening is to provide an even skin tone by reducing melanin levels. But there are a number of things to keep in mind before opting for skin lightening treatments. Listed below are some of the main questions you should ask before making a decision. Read on to learn more! Also read on:

Side effects of skin lightening products

Though skin lightening treatment in Mumbai agents are necessary for treating hyperpigmentation, they are associated with multiple short and long-term complications including mercury toxicity, exogenous ochronosis, cutaneous atrophy, and infection. There is also no regulation of the composition of skin-lightening formulations, which may contain ingredients that are not intended for cutaneous use. Prolonged exposure to these products can result in adverse events, including skin cancer.

The most common ingredients found in skin-lightening creams and lotions are hydroquinone, a bleaching agent with several adverse effects. Hydroquinone can damage the eye, causing permanent corneal damage, and can cause respiratory tract irritation and upper respiratory problems. Despite these risks, the FDA has approved skin lightening creams containing mercury. While skin-lightening creams and lotions may not be safe for the skin, they do have certain desirable cosmetic effects. They may be used to lighten dark spots caused by sun exposure, aging, and hormonal changes.

The FDA recently issued warning letters to 12 companies that are marketing skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone without FDA approval. These companies must take steps to correct the violations and prevent them from reoccurring. The CARES Act also mandates that cosmetic companies comply with the standards set by the FDA. This act makes it difficult for skin lightening creams to be sold over the counter. Further, some skin lightening creams may lead to steroid acne.

Cost of skin lightening treatments

If you’d like to have lighter skin, you may want to consider skin lightening treatments. However, the cost of skin lightening treatments will depend on many factors, including the doctor you choose and where you live. Whether you opt for in-office procedures or a home treatment, you should know what to expect. There are various cost options available, so you should discuss the best one with your medical provider before making a final decision.

The price of a session of laser skin lightening varies from practitioner to practitioner. The amount you pay depends on the size of the area you want treated, the degree of lightening, and the equipment used. Several sessions are usually required for a full-length, natural-looking result. Some practitioners will first perform a test area to ensure they can safely do the procedure on a small area. Once you’ve cleared that area, you can go for your first session a few weeks later. The procedure can sting a little, but it doesn’t last long.

Safety of mercury-containing skin lightening products

Mercury-containing skin lightening cost in Mumbai creams have been found to be dangerous. Mercury has toxic effects on the brain, nervous system, and kidneys. The presence of mercury in skin-lightening products causes rashes and grayish patches. The risk of mercury exposure increases with continued use, especially in children. This is one reason why it is important to avoid using skin-lightening creams.

A recent study published by the European Environmental Bureau and Mercury Policy Project suggests that the use of skin-lightening creams containing mercury may be hazardous to human health. The study also noted that most skin-lightening creams are manufactured overseas, and that one ppm mercury concentration is considered safe. However, most of the skin-lightening creams tested contained mercury within the FDA-allowable limit.

The Zero Mercury Working Group examined more than 200 popular skin-lightening creams and lotions sold online. Almost half contained mercury in quantities above the legal limit. While mercury does not pose a health risk in small quantities, it is very toxic to humans. The study also found that daily exposure to mercury may lead to rashes, discoloration, and blotching. Long-term exposure to mercury can also damage the eyes, nervous system, and digestive tract.

Availability of skin lightening products

The availability of various skin lightening products has become a necessity for the modern woman. Compared to years ago, consumers prefer a single product that addresses their entire skin concern rather than multiple products. Fortunately, technological advancements have made skin-lightening products easier to find than ever. One example of a highly advanced product is the Cellif Microbalm, a Korean cosmetic brand that contains microcapsule technology. These capsules contain six key ingredients, including shea butter, which provides intensive moisturizing, adenosine, which reduces visible signs of aging, vitamin tree oil, and adenosine, which inhibits melanocyte melanin production.


Internet penetration has risen across the globe, making it easy for consumers to access these products. Furthermore, manufacturers are increasingly shifting their focus to e-commerce to increase their presence in the market. In December 2020, L’Oreal SA acquired Takami Co, which manufactures and markets a whitening cream that can be used on any part of the body. This move was aimed at improving its visibility and customer base in the country.


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