Questions to Ask Before Applying for Girls Scholarships in Australia

With women empowerment being discussed worldwide, the first step is to encourage girls who are deprived due to socioeconomic disadvantages. The more educational qualifications a girl acquires, the better her job prospects and earning potential become. 

For an aspiring student in Australia, searching for girls’ scholarships available, these questions are important:

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

A girl is eligible if she is eight years old as she will be entering year nine soon. The child needs to be attending an Australian Public School and be either a permanent resident or an Australian citizen. 

Another important criterion is that she must be experiencing some personal or socioeconomic disadvantage that threatens to put a stop to her education.

What Are the Supporting Documents to Be Produced?

The student needs to produce documents that prove that she is studying at an Australian Public School. Testimony from the school principal stating that she is a promising student with high academic potential increases the chances of getting a scholarship that will let her continue and finish schooling.

Does She Have To Be From A Specific Region To Be Eligible?

It does not matter which region the student hails from, as long as she is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. These girls’ scholarships are national, and applications from states and territories across Australia are encouraged. The 470 scholarships that have been awarded by Harding Miller are for students from every state and territory across Australia. 

What is the Minimum Grade for Application Submission?

While there is no minimum qualifying grade for eligibility, the student needs to have strong grades that indicate great academic potential. What matters more (apart from the economic background) is her commitment to excel in studies and her current performance at school, which needs to be highlighted in the application. 

The selection criteria include agreeing to the terms and conditions stipulated in the scholarship, including feedback to the foundation on completion of each academic year.

How Do You Know if One is Disadvantaged enough to be Eligible?

The disadvantages need not be attributed to one or two factors. It is a combination of factors like:

  • Extreme Misfortune or Destitution
  • Low Income leading to Financial Hardship
  • Disturbed Family Background (violence or dysfunction)
  • Living Under Out of Home Care
  • Disability (self or any family member)
  • Semi-literate Parents/Carers

Is the Scholarship Only for Girls or Can Boys also apply?

As the name suggests, girls’ scholarships are exclusively meant for deprived girls from a challenging socioeconomic background. 

What Do the Scholarships Include?

One of the prominent scholarships, The Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship is a comprehensive program that includes two year’s support, commencing from the year of joining. It consists of the following:

  • High-Quality Laptop and Help Desk support
  • 4G Mobile Broadband along with 6GB Internet per month
  • $2,500 worth ‘face-to-face’ tutoring
  • Subscription to an appropriate online study help provider
  • $600 prepaid card to meet yearly school expenses
  • Mentoring from a Personal Coach

Summing it Up

Remember that there is a selection process where a panel reviews all scholarship applications. The applications are scrutinized to check if the selection criteria are fulfilled. Approvals will be based on the panel’s recommendations, and the awardees will be notified via email, under copy to the respective principals and parents/guardians.