Questions That People Asked Prior To Their Wisdom Teeth Removal

If this is your first time going for a wisdom teeth removal, surely there are many questions in your mind, for example, is it painful? How long will it took? Who should I go to get my wisdom teeth removed or even, how much does a wisdom teeth removal cost in Singapore?

Well you can get answers to those questions by reading wisdom teeth removal guide in Singapore, but there are many other questions that people ask regarding Wisdom teeth removal, which some of them will be answered here!

Does removing wisdom teeth removal change face shape?

No, it doesn’t. Your wisdom teeth is located in a different jaw than the one that actually determines the shape of your face. Therefore, removing wisdom teeth won’t alter the shape of your face. However, wisdom teeth that do not grow in a good direction can alter the teeth alignment. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can grow towards such an extreme direction that it pushes the other teeth with an unhealthy level of pressure. This causes the teeth to then push other teeth that causes a shift in the teeth alignment. It is this alignment shift that may affect the way you look because this misalignment will be visible from the outside.

Is it better to get all 4 wisdom teeth out at once?

Well, that depends on each person. There are advantages and disadvantages to getting 4 wisdom teeth out at once. The advantage is that you will be done in one procedure. You won’t have to go for another teeth exam or find another dentist. You just have to come into the clinic, get your teeth exam, and right then and there finish removing all your wisdom teeth. Another advantage is also that you only have to go through one time recovery process. This means you will only have to go through one period of food restrictions, and then you will be free to eat and drink whatever you want without ever having to worry about wisdom teeth.

Unfortunately, with taking out 4 wisdom teeth all at once, there are big disadvantages as well. The pain during recovery process will surely multiply quite a lot because you have 4 areas in your jaw that just went through a dental procedure and surgery. Having said that, your oral surgeon will prescribe some painkillers for you to help deal with the discomfort. Another disadvantage is that the diet restrictions will be a lot stricter compared to diet restrictions for only 1 wisdom tooth removal. This means not only that you have to stay away from certain food and drink, but it will be hard to consume anything in general because of the pain during recovery.

You will need to check with your oral surgeon to make sure which option is the best. The reason is that aside from the advantages and disadvantages above, there might be oral health reasons to consider. Your oral surgeon will know your teeth conditions best, but the goal is to make sure that your wisdom teeth are not endangering the health of your gum and teeth. If your oral surgeon suggests that it’s better to remove all 4 wisdom teeth at once, then consider doing it for efficiency and health sake.

How long does it take for wisdom teeth holes to heal?

Wisdom teeth takes about 4 days to a week to heal. This depends on the severity of your wisdom teeth alignment. The more severe the position of the wisdom teeth are, the longer the time you need to recover because the procedure will be more complicated. Normally, after about four to five days, you will be able to gradually switch back to eating more solid foods. You will need to check with your dentist to make sure that you are following safety measures so that your recovery will go smooth. Expect significant improvements after about five days after surgery.