quarantine violation and police action in different countries

Corona virus has hit the whole world with an unstoppable force. All the counties are trying their best to fight against this global pandemic. Unfortunately, we people are not getting the seriousness of the situation and are continuously violating the law and order.   

Italy charges more than 40,000 people with violating lockdown. Though a very a smaller number of people violate the rules and that also in the case of necessity or emergency. The government is imposing heavy fines over any type violation of the ongoing lockdown. The fine may raise up to 5000 to 10000 euros. Currently Italy is on the top with the most cases of infected people with corona virus. It has beaten China and USA as well.

To government has only allowed specific hours for which one can come out to do a particular errand specified by the government. The errand can be grocery or a visit to the hospital. Police has stopped and checked 700,000 citizens so far out of which 43,000 were found to be violating the order. They were either imprisoned or charged with very heavy fines.

In Bahamas, like any other country of the world could not keep itself safe from the corona virus outbreak. Numerous people have been tested positive with the virus. Under such alarming conditions the government has completely banned any kind of public gatherings and meet up and is imposing heavy fines on the ones who are violating it. According to Bahamas court news , police arrest many people on lockdown violation.  According to the reports, around 500 people have been arrested across Bahamas for not following the curfew and he lock down. Moreover, it has also been stated in the reports that fines up to $10000 have been charged on some people for coming out of their houses for no reason.  Plus, an imprisonment of up to 18 years is being charged on the people for not obeying the law and order.

Just like the rest of the world the pandemic of corona virus has hit Pakistan as well. Though we can say the intensity of the spread is not so rapid but still some extreme precautionary measures are been taken in the county and lockdown has been imposed. Unfortunately, the people of the county are not taking the situation seriously and the virus spread is picking up pace. During such conditions, to maintain law and order the police has all geared up against the violation of the official lock down.

In Faisalabad city of Pakistan, the police have reportedly arrested around 350 people from different parts of the city with the charge of lockdown violation. The reports tell that the police confirm 299 arrest cases have been registered against the charge of violation of section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and lockdown.

Unfortunately, the number of corona virus victims of far more in India than Pakistan. The virus is spreading with great pace and the government seem to be quite worried. The lockdown situation has been imposed all across the country, but people deny it and go out for multiple errands. Police in the Indian state of Maharashtra has come up with a unique way of punishing the violators who were found to be roaming outside and violating the situation of the lockdown in the country. 

Maharashtra Police made the violators perform yoga as a punishment and has made a video and posted on the internet. The video was later found viral all over the internet.

Maharashtra has reported more than 3,000 cases of coronavirus till date. The state has recorded 187 deaths so far while 295 patients have recovered till date.

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