Qualities to find in a Marketing Adviser

A lot of financial firms look for marketing advisers who can render help in taking their business to better stages of progress and reach business goals. But what are qualities, skills and experience you should look for when hiring IFA marketing?

Though everyone can work as a marketing adviser but it takes a talented, experienced and skilled person to work as an Independent Financial Adviser. A lot of people may inbox you to help you transform your marketing. But marketing is a tough business activity and it massively impacts your trajectory. Hence, you need to be cautious when hiring IFA:

Qualifications: Though there isn’t any exam for it to earn the title of independent financial advisor, but there are some qualifications you can look for:

A major recognized body for financial marketing in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority. Recruiters often look for your FCA qualifications the LinkedIn profiles of marketing professionals. There are different FCA qualifications, if your marketing adviser holds any, it will be great.

Experience: In some niches, it may be too much to enquire a marketing adviser if they hold experience in marketing in particularly your type of company. However, it is reasonable to ask an adviser about the experience they possess and particularly in which field or sector.

For instance, it makes complete sense to look for an EIS/SEIS marketing adviser for your financial firm. However, you need to be cautious, just because a marketing agency specializes in your niche, doesn’t mean it will naturally be a good marketing adviser for you. Even in the finance industry, there are small financial planning firms on one side and then you have large multinational banks, on the other side. Hence it is very important to hire an adviser who can handle your business well.  

Results: Surely, a marketing adviser can have an alluring CV and qualification, but the key is what kind of results have they accomplished in the past for your kind of business?

Do not consider asking this rude. If the marketing adviser can do what they promise to, then it shouldn’t be hard to prove it you with evidences their past work. The financial professional has a chance to impress their clients not just with the prospect but also with proofs of their wealth management abilities.


If you want to work with adviser who is an expert in SEO, then you will never go with someone who isn’t aware of the recent updates of Google Algorithm.  

For a marketing professional, it is a good sign to express the difference between marketing tactics and strategies and how they can apply them in the work. All in all, you should hire an adviser with relevant and updated knowledge. Make sure you have realistic expectations here and you don’t limit yourself to a social media professional who is in trend. Hire someone who possesses the right skills, experience, abilities and knowledge to help you with their expert suggestions. It will help you develop your business and seize every opportunity coming your way.