Qualities Of A Successful Team Leader

The position of a team lead often brings countless challenges with it. If you have been promoted to lead the team you were a part of before, you have to manage your friends. On the other hand, if you have been brought in from somewhere else to lead a team, you are already an outsider, and your subordinates don’t know you. Whatever your situation is, here are a few qualities every successful team leader like Fahim Moledina should possess. 

Be A Good Listener

Regardless of your experience, you can never succeed as a team leader by shoving orders down your subordinates’ throats. For them to respect you, you need to be able to listen to them. 

Encouraging your team to express their concerns and feedback helps diffuse building frustrations and makes them feel valued as part of a team. Moreover, the input might also help you make better-informed decisions. 

Lead By Example 

Exhibiting the same behavior that they want to see in their subordinates is the key for any team leader to earn their subordinates’ respect. For example, if the manager always arrives on time, the team members will be more likely to follow in his footsteps. 

Moreover, a team leader acts as a role model for team members. It is crucial to be able to show them how to do their job in the most efficient way possible without being arrogant. 

Admit Your Mistakes 

Human beings inevitably make mistakes. Society would be a peaceful place if everyone admitted that they can still make mistakes no matter how perfect they think they are. Being open to accepting your mistakes as a team leader allows your subordinates to be more confident. That is, they find comfort in the fact that everybody can make the mistakes they can, even their leader. 

Admitting your ability to make mistakes is the first step to correcting them. If your entire team starts following in your footsteps, imagine the level of efficiency and quality you will be able to achieve together. 

Be Self-Knowledgeable 

Identifying and accepting your own weaknesses and strengths will allow you to become a better leader. Self-knowledge is what gives birth to self-confidence, which is an essential trait for a successful team leader. 

Self-knowledge also involves being observant of your behavior around others, leading to the possibility of improving your emotional intelligence. A team leader with a high emotional quotient is more likely to succeed. 

Final Thoughts

Some people are born leaders, while others rise to the occasion when given the responsibility. Regardless, you need to have the traits mentioned above to succeed as a leader. Through his website, you can learn more about team leadership and change management by the expert himself, Fahim Moledina. It is essential to understand that the basis of measuring what a successful leader is may vary across organizations and even teams. There is no formula for a great leader. Striking a balance between what makes both your company and your team happy is the key. 


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