Qualities of a good security guard

Whether it’s protecting business assets, helping secure a large entertainment event, or safeguarding the public, having a good security guard is important. Either working alone or as part of a team, security guards handle a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. You may have no experience in choosing a good security guard for your business or event but there are very good security companies out there like Oakwood Security Solutions that already have a very good security team that you can choose.

So what makes a good security guard? Here are some qualities to look out for.


Perhaps the most important attribute a security guard can possess is vigilance. A good security guard should be focused on their environment, being aware of who is around and what might happen. Through keen observation, they can recognise potential threats before they arise. The ability to notice if something is out of place, like strange body language or suspicious behaviour and reacting accordingly is important for security.

Physical fitness

Being able to keep up with the rigorous demands of the job is essential. A security guard should be physically fit, and always alert to react to any potential incidents. That might mean having enough endurance to handle long patrols on a night shift, being fast enough to pursue intruders or being strong enough to detain suspects in appropriate circumstances using reasonable force.


Whether to make clients and the public feel safe, or to protect and guard important assets, honesty is a core trait for a successful security guard. If a guard is potentially going to be working alone on shifts, knowing that they are trustworthy is a must. It’s often possible to perform identity and background checks on a candidate to expose any previous criminal convictions.


Being able to communicate incidents and potential threats is a key component of a security guard’s job. Reports need to be clear, concise, and informative. If working as part of a team, a security guard should be able to report observations and communicate signals to their colleagues clearly and efficiently. They should also be able to liaise with the staff of the premises or event that they are protecting.

Calm and professional manner

In confrontational situations, a good security guard should keep a clear head and maintain composure. Being drawn into an argument or physical confrontation could be disastrous. Instead, the security guard should be able to diffuse situations calmly and professionally, with a firm but polite manner. When dealing with members of the public in place like shopping centres, a good security guard should be personable and approachable, without being easily distracted.

Specialist training

Only use security guards who possess the requisite qualifications, like an accredited SIA (Security Industry Authority) license. As much of their work takes place in potentially dangerous situations, a good security guard should also have the qualifications and knowledge to safeguard members of staff and the general public, so first aid training is an incredibly desirable skill.

All of these traits are essential for being a good security guard, which could make all the difference when it comes to safeguarding a property, event, or important business assets.


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