QR Code Contactless Menus are Becoming the Best Method of Ordering for Restaurants

With the reopening of many restaurants, QR menus are becoming the norm, especially in the United States.  The pace of life has become even more frantic, as the population that was quarantined during the Pandemic, due to Covid-19, tries to catch up on work and home activities.  While many restaurants offer outside dining, or inside dining at half capacity, it is much wiser still for both individuals and businesses to offer contactless ordering and a faster method of ordering.  IWallet is one of these businesses that offer QR code menus, to restaurants and any business within the hospitality industry, who can then have their offerings available immediately to their customers. 

QR (Quick Response)codes are simply bar codes that are downloaded onto a mobile or other device.  All any restaurant or eatery needs do is provide the downloadable code to their customers via email or even text message and the customer can then view the free QR menu at any time and any place and order immediately.  The application takes only a few minutes for any restaurant or eatery to set up. The bar code is then used by the customer when picking up any order. 

Restaurants just take a picture of their entire menu, or only portions if they like, and fill out a form, include the pictures and then a QR menu bar code is sent to them for use by their customers.  QR codes are not new, having been around for use within the automotive industry for years, but are now being used by many restaurants and other hospitality businesses to provide quick ordering of menu items by customers.  QR menu ordering is becoming part of the “new normal” and customers do appreciate the ability to view free QR menus on demand at any time.  Using services that provide simple set up of bar codes, does enable businesses to make a QR menu simply and quickly. 

QR menu codes are free generally and do cut back on time and labor costs for businesses, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Restaurants are always a most difficult business to operate successfully, and the shutdown had many of them shuttering their doors for good.  The restaurants that survived must make up for lost time and revenue quickly and are turning to new approaches such as QR menus that are offered free.  These contactless, and easy to make QR menu applications allow businesses to service many more customers more quickly, therefore assisting them in making up for lost time and revenue. 

Specialty restaurants and larger restaurants seem to be the hardest hit by the shutdown, as they needed a steady stream of high revenue to stay afloat.  QR menu codes are also proving easy to distribute to customers, and easy to change.  Specials on any QR menu can be changed easily and menu items added or subtracted at will.  After ordering a customer need only scan the bar code when picking up the items they order and be on their way, either to eat outside, or take their menu selections with them.  The amount of business that can be done by a restaurant or eatery each day significantly increases with the use of QR menus. 

The process of producing a free QR menu is not at all complex.  A picture of the menu is generally taken, converted into a PDF, and then input into a form which generates the bar code.  Some companies charge a fee for this service, but others like IWallet offer totally free QR menu bar code generation.  All a restaurant or eatery needs to do is download the generated code and then distribute it to their clientele.  These codes can be used by any type of restaurant or eatery, and even by pubs and just “quick order” take out and other contactless delivery providers.

Hotels that offer dining can also profit from the use of the QR technology.  While clients can generate their own QR bar codes, for many, the time and effort needed to learn to do this is not there.  Especially when faced with including many items into the coding.  This of course, applies to the restaurant and hospitality industry who do need to list perhaps dozens of items.  There is also management of the created QR code that must be taken into consideration.  With so much now going on in the restaurant and hospitality industry there is simply no time for many to take advantage of the new technology for free QR menus, and they do turn to providers that can do this quickly and seamlessly. 

With most clients now using their mobile devices for everything, having a free QR menu at their disposal on their mobile devices does enhance business and revenue for restaurants and others in the hospitality industry.  A whopping 72 % of all individuals now use their mobile alone for internet access and ordering of goods and services. No one has the time now to pick up a phone to call or visit and order from a traditional menu. Businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry who do not take advantage of the latest QR technology might very well lose out to other competitors who do offer QR menus.