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Puzzle Book Domination is a course that teaches users how to create their own puzzle and game pages by focusing on unique and profitable puzzle and game types. Puzzle Books are an increasingly profitable market, with thousands of dollars in sales, per month. And with people staying home more, the profitability of puzzle books is only going to grow. But with profitability comes competition. You could do things the hard way, which requires: Research Skills, Analyzing Skills, Reverse Engineering Skills, Maximize Your Profits. You need to have the time and skills to research what puzzle types currently exist in the marketplace. You must know how to analyze which puzzle types are profitable and which aren’t. Now that you know what puzzle types are out there and which ones are profitable, you need to come up with a way to create those puzzle types. Time is money, so you need to find the easiest and most efficient way to create those puzzle types to minimize your time and maximize your profits. I recently did a search for “puzzle books” on Amazon and there were over 7000 results. So, how do you stand out? How do you get your cut of the thousands of dollars per month being spent on Puzzle Books? You make your Puzzle Book Unique! Don’t worry, Puzzle Book Domination puts the power of Puzzle Book creation back into your hands. Learn how to create unique and engaging puzzles, not currently available in any Paid Puzzle Generation Software. Built in Commercial Use Rights So You Can Profit By Selling on Amazon KDP and Beyond! Whether you’re looking to create your own puzzle book interiors or you’re interested in providing your Virtual Assistant(VA) with a step-by-step roadmap on how to create puzzle books that sell, this course is for you. Get Puzzle Book Domination here!!!



Don’t Worry

X No prior graphic design experience needed

X No tech skills required




– Ike Paz: “Puzzle Book Domination is an amazing course on how to make and sell puzzle books passively on the world’s largest buyer search engine!
The neat thing is, Keith reveals how to do it all without tech skills or design skills, he really makes it accessible to anyone with wifi and a laptop.
If you’re serious about earning online then PBD is a ‘must-have’.”

– Nuria Corbi @ The Home Boss on YouTube: “This course is very comprehensive and is a fantastic opportunity to create puzzle and activity books for Amazon KDP.
There are a lot of ‘puzzle generators’ out there, but this is all about making your own puzzles and games and Keith shows you how to easily create them yourself in PowerPoint.
I love that the lessons are very easy to follow and that the instructions for the puzzle games are included. This is providing me with so many more opportunities. I feel inspired and ready to create more unique books and I thoroughly recommend this course.”

– Andy @ Easy Graphics on YouTube: “Perfect for anyone who has no idea where to begin when it comes to puzzle or activity low content books. Keith provides detailed tutorials, from what the games are, how to create these games, building a brand, and much more.

You can earn more money, play more games, sell more books, but you can never buy more time. If you’re interested in learning more about puzzle books and don’t want to spend hours and hours searching for information, then Keith’s course will bring you up to speed and cut short the time and learning curve dramatically. The best part? Lifetime updates for a one-off price. Highly recommend it. “


You may be thinking, “Who is this Keith guy and why should I listen to him?”

And that’s a fair question. So let me introduce myself. My name is Keith Wheeler. I’m a 5-time #1 International Bestselling Author. I’ve been self-publishing books on Amazon and beyond, since 2016. A few years ago, I stumbled onto the idea of low content publishing and specifically, creating and selling Puzzle Books & Activity Books. In true “Keith fashion,” I went full honey badger on the topic and found which puzzle types were selling and which weren’t. Which were the most competitive and which were ripe for the taking. One of my puzzle/activity books even won the 2020 Pinnacle Book Award for Best Children’s Sports Activity Book. This business has afforded me the ability to provide for my family well beyond anything I could’ve done before. Allowing me more time to spend with my wife, 4 kids, 2 granddaughters and 3 dogs. It’s because of that freedom and my desire to help others achieve this same level of financial freedom, that I started my YouTube Channel, Keith Wheeler Books, which currently has around 20k subscribers and, ultimately, why I decided to share all these puzzle types and how to make them, with you, in Puzzle Book Domination.



Puzzle Book Domination teaches you how to create puzzles and game pages in a wide range of game types. This is the most in-depth course on creating puzzle pages on the market. Inside this course, you’ll learn how to create less traditional puzzles that, because they’re more unique, will help you stand out more in a less competitive market, leading to potentially higher sales. Puzzle Book Domination allows you to get a jump on the competition by profiting from puzzle types your competitors still haven’t heard about. You can even test with multiple designs to determine which ones will sell best. Once you establish your best-sellers, simply order more of those in higher quantities. This will reduce your unit cost and increase your overall profit. There will also be built-in Commercial Use Rights so you can profit by selling on Amazon KDP and beyond


OTO 1: Puzzle Master Level – $67

You’re getting: 

  • 11 additional puzzle types
  • Book Cover tips and tricks (specific to puzzle books)
  • How to make puzzle books more profitable
  • Fully editable pptx files for all 15 puzzles

OTO 2: Activity Master Level – $67

This upgrade gives you:

  • 12 paper/pencil game types
  • How to create a custom game
  • How to make custom game pieces
  • The Secret 3 Phase Process
  • Fully editable pptx files for all 12 game types


Q: What’s the refund policy?

A: Based on the design of this course, all sales are final. Once the sale has been made there will be no refunds under any circumstances.

Please make sure you want to consume and implement the teachings in this course in your business before making a purchase. If in doubt send our support an email with your questions before making a purchase. We will answer your questions to help you make a decision. But once you have made the decision to purchase and have purchased it there will be no refunds. Support email: support@puzzlebookdomination.com

Q: What kind of training do you provide?

A: Each puzzle module contains an intro video, where I introduce you to the puzzle type and how it works. I then provide an over the shoulder tutorial on how to create the puzzle in PowerPoint. Each puzzle module concludes with a downloadable pdf instruction file for you to add into your book to tell your user how to use the puzzle.

Q: Do I need any special software?

A: In Puzzle Book Domination I make all the puzzles using a software most people have access to, to minimize the barrier of entry for you. I use PowerPoint. That said, most of the puzzles can be done in MS Word, Google Docs and even Google Slides.(though the navigation may differ slightly)

Q: What if I get stuck?

A: In case you get stuck with the course and need help we have got you covered. We have got an extremely responsive support team waiting to help you out. 

Q: Can I buy this later?

A: Yes you can, but the price may have increased in the future! Now is the best time to get in at the current discounted price.

Q: Are there any upgrades? Do I need to buy them to start making puzzle books?

A: Yes and No! There are 2 very complimentary upgrades included in the offer. Front-end or Basic version is mandatory. You don’t have to buy any of the upgrades to be able to create amazing unique puzzles and dominate in puzzle books. But if you’d like to better your chances of success and increase your puzzle book offerings, the optional upgrades can definitely help!

For the sake of transparency, we have provided the details of the upgrades below. 

Puzzle Book Domination PRO (OTO1): The first upgrade gives you access to 11 additional puzzles(so a total of 15) as well as advanced puzzle book topics like: What to include in your Puzzle Book Cover, How to make your Puzzle Books More Profitable, Building a Puzzle Book Brand, etc.

Puzzle Book PREMIUM (OTO2): The second upgrade will help you take your puzzle book business to the next level by introducing the magic of paper/pencil games. Allowing you to turn puzzle books into activity books.

This upgrade includes 12 game types as well as a section on creating a custom game that will be unique to YOUR books.

This upgrade also includes my exclusive video on My 3 Phase Secret, covering how I’m able to get some of my puzzle books to sell for $14.95 and even $19.95, per book.

Q: Are there any limitations to how many puzzles I can make or how long I have access to this course?

A: Absolutely not! Once you purchase this course you have access to it, indefinitely. There are no limits to the number of puzzles you can make.

Q: Is this really available for a one-time investment?

A: Yes! At the moment when you are reading this, the product is available for a low one-time fee. We reserve the right to increase price of the product at any point in time and may be moving this into a subscription model soon.

Q: Can I use these puzzles for commercial use?

A: Yes! Because you’re creating these puzzles yourself (or hiring a VA to make them), you have full commercial rights to the puzzles you create. You never have to pay a royalty to us or provide any attribution to us in your books.

Q: What am I not allowed to do with the puzzles I create using this course?

A: As mentioned earlier, we have designed this course to help you profit from the content you create. However please note that there are certain things that are now allowed…

You cannot sell resell rights to the products you create.

You cannot sell PLR rights to the products you create.

You cannot use the name of the creators of the course or the Puzzle Book Domination brand in any of the products you sell.

Conclusion & Extra Bonuses

Thank you for taking the time to read my Puzzle Book Domination article. I hope I have provided you with enough information to ease any hesitation about purchasing this amazing product.

And the final decision is yours. Good luck to you guys and see you in my next review!

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