Purple Maternity Dresses That Instantly Up Your Look

Love the power of purple? We found the purple maternity dresses that make your mama confidence shine! Check out these pregnancy dresses and find your fav!

Okay, time for a quiz. Are you ready? What color represents power and royalty? Purple. What color was a hit on runways last year and is still in style now? ALSO purple. What color can you wear year-round as a neutral, accent, or statement? You already know the answer — purple! So, no one can deny that a purple maternity dress is a stylish choice that any mother can proudly wear. A purple pregnancy dress is the staple your wardrobe needs, whether you know it or not! And honestly, you’re too cute to be wearing any dull colors. When you enter your second trimester rolls around, beautiful maternity clothes are the only option.

We get it, though. Finding cheap maternity dresses that look fantastic AND last through every trimester is a challenge. Trust us, you’re not alone! Almost all moms go through this same struggle when their bump starts to show, and it’s quite a drag. The good news is that purple maternity gowns are a hit in the maternity fashion scene. How come? Because the color is flattering, slenderizing, and makes a confident statement! The right purple maternity dress can never do you wrong, no matter the occasion or season.

And anyway, if you’re looking for maternity dresses, chances are you look gorgeous! Your baby bump is likely blooming, your curves are rockin’, your hair is full of shine, and you’re radiating a super bright energy. You have to honor this remarkable time with beautiful maternity dresses that bring out your baby glow! If you’re wondering where to buy maternity dresses that compliment your figure, you’ve come to the right page. We’ve created a list of the best purple maternity dresses, in every shade, for all moms-to-be! Whether you need a purple maternity dress for photoshoots or a purple baby shower dress, we know you can find the right gown on this list.

Want purple power all day everyday? You can make it happen with the selection from these maternity stores!

1.  Catalina Maternity Midi Flowy Wrap Dress With Tie Waist from MaternityDresses.com

Luxurious lilac meets beautiful wrap style! After reviewing about 336,562 purple maternity gowns (guesstimate), we decided this purple maternity maxi dress is the queen. Catalina shines in every trimester, makes nursing simple, and comes in shades that flatter every mother!

We love the surplice neckline, which creates a V neck that’s sexy AND nursing friendly! Combined with the high waistline, the plunging V highlights your growing baby bump and adds a touch of sexiness.

The neckline is not the only flattering feature, either! The flowing, floor-length skirt softens your silhouette for a flexible fit in every trimester. The relaxed style gives your bump room to grow, and the rayon/spandex material helps the dress snap maintain its shape when your bump is gone.

Of course, we can’t feature this purple maternity dress if it didn’t come in SO MANY purple shades!

Featured here is the lavender shade (the perfect spring/winter color) that can work on all complexions. You can also purchase this light purple maternity dress in eggplant or magenta if you desire a darker look.

2.  Hello Miz Lace V Neck Maternity Bodycon Dress

Well hello miss indeed! We can’t get enough of this perfectly balanced purple. Body-conscious and prettied with lace, these elegant maternity dresses make every mother look like royalty.

Honestly, we can’t decide on the best feature of this Hello Miz maternity dress. Is it the sheer lace in all the right places? The glossy purple tone? Or the sexy, curve-hugging fit? It would have to be all of it!

These pretty maternity dresses display your baby bump with grace. The nylon/spandex blend works to hug your curves, but not your problem areas. The dress also features a dark underlayer to prevent any sheerness, so you don’t have to worry about any slips.

Generally, these purple pregnancy dresses strike an upscale tone. This makes them the perfect purple maternity dresses for baby showers, photoshoots, or any fancy thing you have to go to!

Wait, did someone say baby shower? Get yourself styled like this and check out these stunning maternity dresses for baby showers.

3.  ASOS DESIGN Maternity Tea Dress With Horn Buttons in Dusty Purple Base Floral

This list can’t be complete without a floral purple maternity dress! The spring/summer vibes are strong with this one, that’s for sure. The breezy fit, the flirty length, the cute print — the ingredients are all there for a pretty look!

These petite maternity dresses are highly rated for their comfort, and it’s not hard to see why! These gowns fit and feel just like a large T-shirt. They offer plenty of room to grow and ample opportunity to accessorize!

You can wear these ASOS maternity dresses effortlessly to the mall, your friend’s party, or the park. They’re so easy! Just add some cute sneakers, a necklace, and you’re ready to rock.

These light purple maternity dresses fall closer to the blue, so they flatter cool undertones the best. That should never stop any lady from trying them, though! Speaking of blue, there are TONS of baby blue maternity dresses for the fair ladies that want an alternative to purple.

4.  Mother Bee Maternity Over the Shoulder Maternity Dress

This Mother Bee maternity dress gets all of our votes for the best purple baby shower dress (well, after Catalina). It’s flowy, elegant, and flattering on all pregnant figures. The trendy strapless design also elevates your whole look to the goddess level.

Everything about this dress’ design works well on pregnant silhouettes. For one, the cinched waist separates your bust and tummy for a defined shape (even when your baby bump grows to max capacity). The off-the-shoulder design contours your upper body for a sculpted, toned look every time. And of course, we can’t forget how the floor-length skirt softens your silhouette for a forgiving fit!

In truth, we can chalk up most of this flattering design to the magic of pregnancy maxi dresses.

But the best thing about this flowy maternity dress? The deep, royal purple! This dark purple maternity dress radiates the powerful, confident aura of queens. The color suits fair skin and hair well.

5.  Boohoo Maternity Twist Front Ruched Midi Dress

We have another baby shower beauty! These sexy Boohoo dresses are the best maternity dresses for catching eyes at any event. The twist detail brings attention right where you want it.

These are THE perfect purple maternity dresses for baby showers because they create a sexy look while keeping your image semi-formal. Plus, there’s so much room for accessories! You can pair these beautiful maternity dresses with cardigans, bolero coats, heels, or all the jewelry you own. It’s a versatile staple you can style 2,000 different ways!

This light purple maternity dress is gorgeous on mothers with cool undertones. If you have fair skin or hair, this maternity gown will bring out your natural beauty.

6.  Sexy Mama Maternity High Neck Maternity Maxi in Purple

Lace and grace! These Sexy Mama Maternity dresses hit it out of the park with their chic, classy design. This purple pregnancy dress is for all the mamas ready to wine, dine, and experience the fine in life.

We love how the lace details highlight your collar. If your hair falls around your shoulders, it will play with the intricate design and create an appealing effect. The design also adds that elegant, formal touch.

The style doesn’t end there, though. These elegant maternity dresses have a unique, mid waistline that flatters all baby bumps! By sectioning the dress in the middle, these maternity gown dresses can accommodate bumps that sit high or low on your waist.

7.  Missguided Lilac Broderie Cami Maternity Mini Dress

Short, light, and bright! These petite maternity dresses from Missguided maternity wear are the perfect addition to your summer maternity wardrobe.

We like how the pale lilac color can suit all mothers. You might think that pastel shades work best with fair skin, but oh no! As this model proudly shows, these lilac maternity gown dresses make a flattering contrast against tan complexions.

Besides their flattering color, these purple pregnancy dresses keep your fit’ flirty and fun with their short length and cami straps. Since these pretty little dresses are so short, they’re great for petite mamas under 5’3”!

8.  Ingrid and Isabel Ripe Kimono Maternity Maxi Dress

It’s a 100% yes from us! This kimono-inspired maternity dress is so pretty in a deep plum color. This Ingrid and Isabel maternity dress creates a unique look with its open sleeves and pleated design.

You can stun in this purple baby shower dress in every trimester (and after, too). The empire waistline and V neck work together to define your shape at every stage of pregnancy. Since these gowns are so flattering and unique, they’re the perfect purple maternity dresses for baby showers and photoshoots.

This plum color is best suited for mothers with darker palettes. The rich color complements warm tones the best, so these elegant pregnancy dresses will look stunning if you have brown hair, olive skin, or honey blond hair.

9.  Pink Blush Purple Ruffle Trim Off Shoulder Fitted Maternity Dress

This Pink Blush maternity dress has everything you could want for a fall gown — a rich hue, trendy design, and long sleeves! We love the blended elements. Like, it’s not common to see sleeves on a short bodycon dress, but the flounce strapless neckline balances the form and makes it work!

The chic design is not the only reason these elegant maternity dresses caught our eye. This purple long sleeve maternity dress makes every mama look fit AF!

The off the shoulder design contours your whole upper body for a toned look while the bodycon material sculpts your body to perfection. The short length and dark, slimming color enhance the effect, turning you into one shapely mom-to-be!

10.              Lukalula Maternity Solid Color Pocket Camisole Dress

Featured here is the best purple maternity maxi dress for summer! And it has pockets, too! A loose cami dress equals = warm weather comfort.

This Lukalula maternity dress looks very simple — that is true. These pregnancy maternity dresses are all about comfort! The relaxed fit ensures your bump has plenty of room to grow and provides air circulation for those hot summer months.

Plus, do you know about the magic of maternity maxi dresses? A floor-length skirt works miracles for your form and movement. This flowy maternity dress adds grace to your every step! The loose skirt (and purple color, we might add) softens your silhouette to conceal any problem areas.

We’re definitely feeling boho vibes with the long, comfy fit. Pairing this purple maternity gown with leather beads, sandals, and a sun hat will create an adorable look! You can layer on a cardigan when you get cold.

11.              SHEIN Maternity Ruffle Trim Wrap Ditsy Floral Cami Dress

Featured here is THE boho maternity maxi dress for summer! This pregnancy dress from SHEIN is so light and breezy you’ll never break a sweat. Beach vacay, here we come!

This purple maternity maxi dress flaunts your hot mom bod with cami straps and a deep V neck.  We highly recommend this dress if you live in a hot climate and you’re growing a baby bump in the summer! The relaxed fit and light material will keep you cool all season.

SHEIN maternity wear is the ultimate destination for affordable clothes. Cheap maternity clothes are sort of their specialty (this dress is $14!). You absolutely must check them out if you need awesome cheap maternity maxi dresses in a pinch!

12.              H&M MAMA Nursing Dress

This adorable nursing dress is so trendy with its soft mauve color! This shade blends beautifully with all skin tones, and it just happens to be super in this year. Of course, we expected nothing less from H&M maternity clothes – you can rely on them for stylish maternity outfits any day of the week.

By the way, can you tell this is a nursing dress? The nursing layer wraps around and ties at the side for a very fashionable, discreet style. No one can tell you’re wearing maternity clothes. Plus, this design can give you privacy if you’re breastfeeding in public.

Best of all, H&M maternity dresses are made for comfort with cotton, jersey, and viscose materials. These fabrics are designed to last, so you can wear these cute nursing dresses until your baby begins to chew!