PureVPN celebrates 16th anniversary with 4x boost in digital security

PureVPN  a leading virtual network provider (VPN), marked a significant milestone on its 16th anniversary by ushering in a digital landscape that is four times more secure. The VPN company is introducing PureMax, a suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that offer enhanced protection and added value to its users.

PureMax comprises a comprehensive range of essential tools designed to safeguard privacy in an era of escalating data breaches and pervasive social media tracking. In addition, PureMax’s robust security suite effectively tackles the ever-growing landscape of security threats, including malware attacks, phishing attempts, and identity theft. With its state-of-the-art technology and multi-layered approach, PureMax ensures that your personal information remains secure and protected, offering you peace of mind in today’s digital age. This comprehensive package as part of its anniversay deal includes an advanced VPN service, a password manager, a digital privacy manager, and a data encryption tool – all at a discount of up to 79% off, with an additional 4 months free.

Uzair Gadit, the co-founder and CEO of PureSquare, the parent company of PureVPN and its subsidiary products, said in a statement, “With the introduction of PureMax, we are taking a significant leap forward in our mission to provide our customers with the highest standards of privacy and security. This is just the beginning of our continuous efforts to create a holistic cybersecurity solution that meets the evolving needs of our users.”

PureVPN promises to shield the digital footprint of its users by providing them with access to four innovative tools:

  • PureVPN , an advanced solution that empowers users with unwavering privacy and anonymity, seamlessly navigating past regional restrictions.
  • PureKeep , a secure password manager that generates and manages meticulously crafted passwords for a wide array of online platforms.
  • PurePrivacy , the ultimate all-in-one solution that empowers users to regain control over their online privacy, providing robust protection against data tracking and intrusive targeted ads.
  • PureEncrypt , a reliable storage service that employs advanced encryption to safeguard user data, ensuring its continued safety and security.

PureVPN’s goal with PureMax is to instill confidence and peace of mind by enabling users to take complete control of their online privacy and personal data. Whether they’re working, shopping, exploring, connecting, or expressing themselves, PureVPN empowers them to navigate the digital world with enhanced security.

PureVPN has been at the forefront of providing secure and private internet access to users since its inception in 2007. Offering an array of cutting-edge features like Domain Fronting, high-speed protocols like WireGuard and Proxy, a strict no-log policy, broad platform support, and prevention from ISP throttling with compatibility across major platforms, PureVPN has garnered the trust of millions of users worldwide.

For more information regarding PureVPN’s 16th anniversary deal, please visit www.purevpn.com/order.