PUBG vs. Free Fire: Which one is better to play and why

Every single day, millions of gamers check in to the game in order to participate. Some players choose PUBG Mobile, while others prefer Garena Free Fire as their battle royale game of choice. Which one of these games is more enjoyable?

The quality of the graphics, the number of people who can play it, how effectively it integrates with other games, and the specifications required of your computer all play a role in determining which game is superior.

Garena Free Fire is the clear winner if you consider India, which prohibits the use of PUBG Mobile, and you also consider the fact that PUBG Mobile is not going to be published there any time soon.

What are the similarities between Free Fire and PUBG?

Despite the fact that they are not the same and compete against one another, the two games share some similarities. The first thing to discuss is the operation of the game’s controls. When you needed to kill some time a few years ago, many individuals turned to playing video games.

The once enormous computer shrunk and transformed into a more manageable size throughout the course of time. Today, we refer to this device as a cellphone, and practically everyone has one.

Mobile game developers and app developers collaborated to create PUBG, and mobile gamers immediately fell in love with the game. After some time had passed, the list of well-known games was expanded to include Free Fire. Both of these games continue to improve in their ability to be the top mobile games.

Due to the fact that both involve combat, gunfights, and adventures, the core concept is quite comparable. Free Fire and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are two games that are each enjoyed by thousands of individuals in different parts of the world.

Free Fire vs. PUBG Mobile: The former can be played while the latter cannot

Within the borders of the country, PUBG Mobile India cannot be played. It is still possible to get the Korean and worldwide versions of the app through the use of some VPN bypasses and other APK download URLs.

But the fact that individuals in India are unable to play PUBG is a significant issue because the game will not be returning there.

Talking about the other side, Garena Free Fire is a game which is accessible nationwide. You can play it at any location.

The visuals and characters in Free Fire are superior to those in PUBG

PUBG is a battle royale video game that has a very realistic look and feel to it. The characters in Garena Free Fire have been given a cartoonish appearance for the game. However, compared to PUBG, Garena has a greater number of characters to choose from, which is one of its advantages.

These amazing characters will help you in making the battleground much more interesting. Each one of the characters has a unique appearance which is different from other characters.

In PUBG there are more than 100 players and in Free Fire you can have just 50 players to play around with.

When taking everything into consideration in comparison of games: Garena free fire & PUBG India, it seems that PUBG Mobile is a better option than Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire could be a better choice than PUBG Mobile, which isn’t available in India because PUBG Mobile isn’t available there.

Comparison of Free Fire with PubG: Vehicles

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile each feature a diverse selection of vehicles that may be used by players to navigate the game’s environment.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile has an advantage in this respect because it allows you to navigate the map by boat in addition to providing a wide variety of vehicles to select from. On the other side, Free Fire has fewer customization possibilities, and the player can only choose between purchasing a car or a motorcycle.

Vehicles in PUBG Mobile can spawn in a variety of locations across the map, and their current fuel levels can range anywhere from 40 to 100 percent.


So this was all about the comparison and similarities between the games: Garena free fire & PUBG India. Both the games are no doubt great to play in its own places and have a superb shooting mode graphics. If you haven’t played them yet, download them now!

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