PTA Approvals – Local Loop License

We have described different types of approvals and certificates provided by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) previously like PTA-Type Approval and PTA-COC (Certificate of Compliance to Technical Standards) etc. Our motto is to give our readers an understandable approach towards these certificates and approvals.

Now we shall look into the PTA – Local Loop License.  Local loop means having a communication channel from the supplier network to end user’s device. This communication can be in both wired and wireless form. We can also sometime call it “Last Mile” connectivity.

Fixed or Wired communication channel require an FLL; Fixed Local Loop License. This License is provided for fixed line telecommunication services within a specific region using wired medium. Wireless communication channel require a WLL; Wireless Local Loop License. This License is provided to fixed line telecommunication services within a specific region using mediums including wireless, with limited mobility.

Criterion to Apply:

Following are the requirements for an applicant to acquire PTA – Local Loop License:

  1. The applicant must be a registered company in Pakistan.
  2. The applicant must submit all the required documents mentioned in the checklist by PTA approving authority.
  3. The applicant must submit the required initial fee in due deadlines.
  4. The applicant makes sure to the PTA approving authorities that:
    • Technical plan and business plan are feasible
    • Adequate financial resources are available to implement the business plan
    • The applicant’s key management personnel demonstrate the minimum degree of required experience

Applicants of local loop license can apply in more than one region for approval. There are 14 regions divided by PTA that is evaluated when an applicant wishes to acquire the license according to their needs.

 A company that has acquired the PTA-Local loop license has authority over setting prices for their provided services. PTA normally do not interfere in these matters, however if the Licensee is a well-known company with strong market value and position then PTA can interfere and regulate the prices as set by government. There is obligatory for the licensees to have at least one network connection point to which other network service providers can connect if when they want provided a settlement contract from both companies.


PTA – Local Loop License in valid till 20 years from its issuance. However it can be extended if the network company requests and upon successful application review.


PTA has set the fee for PTA-Local loop License at USD 10,000 initially and later 0.5% of the annual revenue.  

PTA also allows submitting requests for the network companies that require wireless connectivity and want to use the radio frequency spectrum. There is an auction procedure done for the acquiring of certain radio frequency.

Here was the brief overview of how to acquire and what elements are required in getting the PTA – Local Loop License. PTA provides a defined set of guidelines that describe the required documents and plans. Our team at Nano Technology Solutions is keen to help and assist you to get the required License in time and with minimal aggravation. Contact us at: [email protected] for all your PTA approval needs, we assure you a quick response maximum in 12 hours.