PSOhub: Best Project Management Tool for Xero and Salesforce

The Xero project management tool and Salesforce project management tool are great CRM tools that are easy to use and highly powerful. When it comes to marketing, sales and customer services, these platforms provide to a certain degree, the tools and integrations that you need. Although they provide these features, there is still a need for a project management system.

CRM is indeed great when it comes to managing customer relationships, but there is a need for project management solutions; a project management system that should offer an all-round project management power.

What then is the best project management system?

In choosing the project management system for Xero and Salesforce, there are certain factors we should consider such as;

  • The best software for handling project processes
  • The best project management app for Xero and Salesforce
  • Integrating the project management system and getting the best out of your CRM platforms

As a Xero or Salesforce user, you should not be limited to using these platforms as just being a CRM software and offering sales and marketing services. You should have a project management system that is an all-in-one project management solution with features such as project management, accessible task management, visible resource management, smart contract management, expense monitoring, and invoicing.

There are several available, and it makes it a bit difficult to choose, but you have to start from somewhere.

Remember, that you need a tool that will give you complete project management and invoicing and that is why you should choose the best project management tool.

PSOhub: A powerful integrated project management software for Xero and Salesforce

Welcome to PSOhub, a comprehensive professional service automation software that is built to help organizations increase productivity while also saving money. PSOhub is a project management solution that can be integrated with Xero and Salesforce. There are several reasons why you should integrate PSOhub into these platforms.

1. An integrated project management tool will make your work from sales to project management easy and less stressful.

2. With a project management tool, you can get centralized data that will keep everyone’s work on the same page. You can use the project management tool to store every team member’s work to avoid mistakes. 

3. With this tool, you can speed up your project planning and save valuable time and effort.

4. This tool also provides you with in-built invoice management features. The invoice feature is important due to the following reasons.

  • It will help you avoid some invoicing errors that can result in problems.
  • You can automate your invoice and avoid the stress of creating and sending invoices manually.
  • You can track and manage a project’s budget. With this, you can monitor your budget properly and know how much of a budget has been used for a contract at any stage.
  • By managing your budgets effectively, you will keep your projects profitable to save business time and money.

PSOhub extends Xero and Salesforce functionality beyond just marketing and sales. It helps you to;

  • Create projects. A contract is automatically produced in PSOhub when it is finalized in Xero and Salesforce. PSOhub then uses time-saving project templates to sketch out project phases for each contract.
  • Automate time-tracking and invoicing. PSOhub automatically records time to the right project using calendar app connections, mobile device GPS data, and machine learning, and can subsequently produce an invoice according to the parameters you choose.
  • Assign duties to individual team members. If you have someone on your team that serves as both a project manager and a consultant, you can simply track a person’s time spent in each function and set up various hourly charges using PSOhub.
  • Ensure that payments are made on time. PSOhub’s smart invoicing integrates with your accounting software and ensures that payment is made only when specified requirements are met, to avoid being XERaid late or wrong.

By integrating the PSOhub which is an all-in-one software into Xero and Salesforce, you will boost productivity and save money and time in several ways.


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