Provide an optimized E-learning platform to connect students and tutors

The E-learning sector has taken the industry by storm in the past few years. Many online apps have been launched in the market and have become a huge success. If you have plans to launch an online tutoring service in the market, you can take advantage of the Uber for tutors app. It is a profitable business, and an optimized app will help you establish your tutoring brand in the market. Let us have a small glimpse of what the app provides:


Student app:
Students can log in to the panel and register for any course of their choice. They can also review tutor profiles and schedule classes whenever required. After attending classes, they can rate and review tutors via the online app.


Admin panel:
The admin can log in via the online app and monitor the entire process efficiently. Sub-admin profiles creation can also be done, and limited access can be given to them to help manage the process.


Tutor app:
Tutors who can offer various courses can enroll in the app and provide necessary details. They can also upload videos or tutorials to the app and earn consistently when students view the video. Tutors are also allowed to rate students after providing classes.


What is the workflow of the on-demand tutor app?

The tutoring app has an optimized working principle that will help you allure more customers towards your service:

  • Students have to sign up with the app and search for a course of their choice.
  • Tutors can also register with the online app and complete the verification process.
  • The admin will log in to the dashboard with the help of the credentials provided to them.
  • Up next, students can choose a course and review the profile of the available tutors.
  • They can choose a tutor of their choice and schedule an online class or join any class instantly.
  • Students have to pay for the course or class via any one of the secure payment gateways available in the app.
  • After the class is complete, they have to rate and review tutors.

Advanced feature-set of an Uber for tutor app:

The online tutoring app has a set of premium attributes that will help you stand out in the market. They are listed below:


Multi-lingual tutoring app:
Students or tutors should have the option to choose the language and take up courses in the language of their choice. This will help users across the world to use your app and its services without any hindrance.


Multiple categories:
Students should be provided with various categories to choose from, such as maths, engineering, science, robotics, biology, physics, and more. The categories will enable students of all fields to make effective use of the app.


Offers and beneficial programs:
Tutors and students who use the tutoring app regularly will be able to avail benefits such as offers, discounts, free videos, download learning materials, and more. Providing loyalty programs will make them refer the app to their friends and family.


Enroll for multiple courses:
Tutors can accept multiple class/course requests from students across the world. On confirming their availability, they will be able to accept multiple requests. Similarly, students can also take up multiple classes via the online app.


Video-conferencing facility:
With the help of the in-app video-conferencing feature, students and tutors can connect easily with each other. Knowledge can be gained with just the help of the Internet and a tutor far away from your home via video calls.


How do you monetize your online tutoring app?

Monetizing your app will help you effectively generate revenue via multiple sources. A few of them are specified below:


In-app commissions:
This is one of the most consistent sources of revenue for any on-demand business. Especially with a tutoring app, you can earn a commission for each class or course the tutor provides via the app.


Service fee:
The service fee is paid by students as they are making use of the E-learning platform as a tool to avail courses or classes. Along with the total course fee estimate, the service fee will also be collected.


Revenue via advertising:
As a business owner, you can team up with other brands and host their ads in the tutoring app for which you will receive a fixed sum of money.


Featured badge:
Tutors who want to get listed at the top of the search list can pay the admin a fixed amount and obtain a featured badge. They will be suggested to students first, followed by which the other tutors will be suggested. This will help tutors obtain better visibility.


To conclude:

An overview of the necessary components of an online tutoring app is provided in the article. Hire an experienced set of developers and proceed with the on-demand tutor app development process. Launch your app across all major platforms and acquire customers in a short period.