Proven Tactics to Get More SoundCloud Followers:

SoundCloud is a fantastic platform for musicians to share their music with the world. The problem is that it can be hard to get noticed on SoundCloud since there are so many other artists competing for attention. With this in mind, here are proven tactics to help you gain more followers on SoundCloud.

Post regularly:

This is the most effective way to increase your following on SoundCloud. If you don’t post for a month, then it will be impossible to gain many new followers because people won’t even know who you are! Try posting at least once a week and see how much of an impact this has on your follower count.

Don’t just upload tracks though

use hashtags as well! You can find trending hashtags here: #tagsta. Use them in your posts so that they show up when anyone searches those terms. It’s important not to use too many tags or else things could get spammy but using one or two per track should work fine. Just make sure that these tags accurately describe what the track is about. This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother with this step. If you want to gain more followers on SoundCloud, then make sure that each of your tracks or playlist descriptions has some actual content in them. People need something good to look at after all!

Profile setting:

Let users know why they should follow you by including a brief bio and images within the description box for every new post you upload onto SoundCloud. Don’t just write “track name here” though because nobody will click it if there’s nothing else to go off of so try writing things like “New ambient electronica track from my upcoming album” instead.


Don’t send out too many follow requests though, otherwise, people may get annoyed with you! Most artists will only accept when they are already following back users that have similar music tastes to them or if the user has commented on their tracks in some way before.

Remember that social media is all about building relationships so don’t be afraid of taking your time to build up a rapport between yourself and other SoundCloud users first. It might take longer than sending out lots of mass follow requests but it pays off more in the long run because at least these people know who you are now compared to just having 100 followers which nobody knows anything about.

Create playlists for different types of songs or genres that  you create

This is another proven tactic to get more followers on SoundCloud because it gives users a better idea of the style of music you create. They can listen to all your tracks in one place instead of having them scattered about SoundCloud which makes it much easier for people to find out whether they like your work or not.

It’s important that you link back to other social media platforms within each post though, otherwise, these links will just appear as plain text and won’t stand out at all! You don’t necessarily need any fancy HTML code either. simply use bitly (or similar) shortened URLs where possible so that you save space while also helping potential subscribers easily access whatever content you want them looking at later down the line too. 

Don’t use copyrighted music in your own tracks! If you do, SoundCloud will automatically disable your track and it won’t be available for listening. There are tons of free resources on the internet where you can find some royalty-free tunes that people have created themselves so there’s no excuse to ever upload any other content onto SoundCloud without permission from its creator though.


Make sure that every post looks professional by having a good profile picture that is clear enough to see clearly at small resolutions too (such as thumbnails). A generic photo with text over the top isn’t exactly great either since most people create these using MS Paint or similar tools back in the day when social media was still fairly new compared to what it is now.  Don’t use a photo of your face unless it is really well-lit and looks professional because this comes across as being too “try hard” which suggests that you don’t have any actual music content to upload instead!


Don’t spam your friends with too many follow requests or they will probably get annoyed and unfollow you! Most online communities have unwritten rules about the type of behavior that is socially acceptable so learn these quickly before you come across as being “that guy” that nobody would want to hang around.

You should also avoid shouting at people in caps lock because this makes it look like you are angry and doesn’t exactly give off a professional image either. It might seem funny, but it’s definitely not something that most other artists on SoundCloud do (or care for) when they are uploading their own tracks onto the platform. – Make sure that your posts are interesting!

This might seem obvious but be surprised how many people don’t bother with the small details that make a post stand out from everything else on SoundCloud.


You can organize different playlists as you see fit but this is only effective if you have some great content to share in those places too since nobody wants to listen to an empty playlist all day long! Make sure that there are plenty of tunes added over time and it will be worth checking back every now and then instead of having a tonne of public tracks which no one ever plays or listens to.

 If your posts seem interesting, relevant, helpful, etc., others might start following you automatically because they want more information about what’s going on around them within their own niche community online (such as music).

 In fact, one of the best ways to become more popular on SoundCloud is by creating posts that are worth sharing with others because it drives traffic back into your account which then creates a snowball effect where you end up becoming far better known for what you do instead.  You can use hashtags within your post so other people can find out about them too! Make sure they are relevant though otherwise, nobody will want to click through and listen to any of your tracks.