Protecting Your Car During the Snow Weather

The winter can damage your car somehow such as freezing doors, scratching paint, or snow pile over the car. Besides, some other common factors including ice, rock salt, or melting snow can take a toll on the car. 

However, you still can deal well with these problems by using some tips. This post is about how to protect your car from snow. It will provide you with some information and ways to avoid as much damage as possible to your vehicle during the snow season. Most trucks and SUVs are equipped with all-terrain tires

How does snow impact your vehicle?

Indeed, snow might cause some damage to the car. During the snowstorm, everything can be frozen, cracked, and broken. So, it will be a big nuisance if snow piles up on the vehicle as you have to shovel it before going on the way. It may cost you 5-10 minutes in the morning. 

The most affected part of your vehicle seems to be the windshield. The cold temperature makes the wipers stick tightly to the glass. In case there is a crack in the glass, the situation might be worsened. The crack is able to extend larger due to the freezing ice, leading to huge damage if the drivers are careless.

Some tips to protect your car from snow

1. Using a car cover

Some people who do not possess a garage often use the cover as an alternative because it can protect your car to a certain extent. It is still better to use this cover as it hinders the snow from directly affecting your car. 

A car covered in snow

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Besides, you should buy a water-resistant cover for your vehicle. Different varieties and patterns of covers are available now in the recent market. Thus, you can choose the best cover for your car.

2. Covering your windshield

It is also recommended to use the windshield cover. Unless you cover it, you may find it hard to clean the glass off after a thick snow coat. So, with this cover, the windshield will get better protection. And you just need to remove it while the glass is still snow-free and clean. 

Another method you can use is to put a towel onto the windshield. It seems to be the easiest method as it does not cost you much time as well as effort. Lift the windshield wiper slightly and gently, then place the towel under it. After that, hold the towel with this wiper. 

By doing that, you can keep the windshield wipers safe from condensation and frost overnight. This way also hinders the wiper from freezing the windshield. Yet, the towel is only useful in mild snow. In case you are living in frigid temperatures, you can replace the towel with cardboard. 

3. Getting your car waxed when possible

Washing your car is important in the winter, but waxing it often is also not the exception here. When you wax your car, it will get one more layer of protection from other debris or road salt. Besides, the waxing layer can protect your car from the UV ray that fades the paint. 

A person working on a car

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To add extra protection to your car, you can use spray wax or polymer wax. After your car has more wax, there will be a barrier preventing the debris and snow from sticking to your car. 

However, this layer might be worn out quickly over time. Thus, you have to reapply during the winter. Besides, you can add the wax layer to the headlights as it keeps snow out of the surface. 

4. Using the cooking spray for the car doors

It is common to see that the car door is frozen after the snow comes. This problem is sometimes a hassle to a certain extent, especially when you are in a hurry. If you do not know what to do, consult the following tips. 

First, do not try to force your door open as it only causes extra damage to the car. Instead, you can use a simple remedy which is the cooking spray. Just apply a loose spraying layer to the rubber seals and it will reduce the possibility that the car door gets frozen up. 

Also, you had better have your car checked regularly so that you can see and fix plastic fittings on time. This step is helpful in keeping your car out of the water as well as avoiding freezing out during the cold weather and snow. 

5. Thinking about buying the snow shelter

The snow shelter sounds strange for someone at first, but this invention is really useful and convenient. It is handy or even a lifesaver for your car during the cold and snowy season. 

A black and white van parked in the snow

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The design of this shelter is the same as a big umbrella and you place it over the car. It will sustain the direct contact of snow to your car. Thus, the interior part of your car will still be warm throughout the winter. 

6. Taking care of the car

Normally, you may have a fixed maintenance schedule for your vehicle but in the winter, your car will need more care. Owing to the cold temperature, many car batteries get dead or the windshield, tires can be damaged. 

Then, here are several steps that might be useful to protect your car.

  • Avoid parking your car in an open area or under a tree. 
  • Do not drive under the heavy rain or snow. 
  • Always keep extra tires for the backup plan. 
  • Use tires specialized for the winter. 
  • Wait for the engine to warm up a little bit and be ready to run. 

To sum up

After reading this post, you now know how to protect your car from snow. It is unavoidable that you have to drive quite often during the snow. Thus, to keep your car from the debris, salt, and snow pile, you can employ some methods mentioned above. Hope that you find these tips useful, and you can share them with your beloved ones.