Protecting Children from cough during this pandemic situation

We all have heard the term cough. If you are a mother, you would not want to hear any negative things regarding health from your child. So, you need to take proper care of your child’s health. Here in this article we will talk about cough and will try to give you the solution to get rid of this problem. You can contact a Cough specialist in Manchester to consult with doctors.

Find the Reason:

Before applying for any medicine like cough syrup to prevent the coughing tendency of your child, try to bring out the exact reason behind this. It is our fault that we remain reluctant at the beginning stage and get into a severe problem at the end even when the doctor finds the disease chronic to treat. So, this is an undeniable fact that we make the easy thing complex by imposing our thought to treat our child by ourselves in the primary stage, which is wrong.

Types of Cough:

There are mainly two types of cough you can witness, such as dry cough and wet cough. You should know that wet or chesty cough is more to worry about. If your child is suffering from the second one, you should contact your general physician without wasting time. If your child has any history of asthma, you should contact an asthma specialist in Manchester.

Sound is equally important:

Yes, the sound of coughing is equally important to check whether it is dangerous or not. It sounds like ‘wheeze’ or ‘whistling,’ and sometimes it brings out a hollowing sound like barking. But you should not judge the nature of the cough by its sound. In that case, you should visit your house physician and let him take the next step to move forward for the betterment.

This portion of this article will try to bring out the reasons that can cause cough. You will have to read this area very carefully. There are several areas that can cause coughs in a child. These areas are:






These mentioned above areas are the most significant areas that store cough. If any child is feeling any respiratory problem during coughing, the parents should call Paediatric Respiratory Physician in Manchester soon.                                                                                                                                        

You might have heard about two types of tract infections. One is upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), and the other is lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI). Usually, upper respiratory tract infection damages the sinus or windpipe and throat.

The LRIT or the lower respiratory tract infection damages lungs. In that case, you may suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia. URTI results in cold, flu, laryngitis, sinus, or whooping cough. 

Since we are going through a pandemic situation, we need to take proper care of our children properly. We should not allow them to play in a cold place. If you see your child is suffering from any respiratory trouble, you should call a Private Respiratory Paediatrician soon. 


It is respiratory tract information that results in cough-like symptoms. You will feel difficulties related to feeding and breathing. 


If you see your child coughing very loudly or harshly as if he is barking whenever he is breathing inside, you should contact calla doctor right at that moment. A virus can result in this type of coughing. So never waste your time. 

Whooping Cough:

If you can hear a sound like “whoop” whenever your child is taking a breath inside, you need to call your house physician at that very moment. Whooping cough is dangerous for children. This type of infection comes from bacteria. So, you need to be careful about this point too. 


If your child is allergic to smoke and dust, you should take proper care so that your child does not go to such places where he or she can get into such problems. 

When to visit a physician:

You need not visit the doctor anytime your child is suffering from a cough. Most of the time, the cough goes away naturally without taking any medicine. But, if you see the cough is persisting for three weeks or more, then your child is on the threshold of any dangerous thing to face. 

So, you should consult with a doctor when:

The cough stays inside for three weeks.

When the noise is like whistling.

When it sounds like barking. 

When the cough is not going away naturally. 

When you will the cough is red in colour.

These are the main things you should be aware of, and if you see any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your child, you should take him to the doctor at once. 

Wear mask:

Continue wearing a mask whenever your child is going to any open space. By doing so, you can protect your child from any kind of fungal infection and virus. This is such an initiative that you can take without spending money. 

No worries for short term cough:

As we have said in the earlier paragraph, that the cause of the cough needs to get treated, not the cough. If you come to our clinic, the doctor will clear this to you first. Moreover, you should not worry if this is a short-term cough. The body fights against it automatically. 

What to do:

If your child is suffering from a cough, ask him to take plenty of water. Ask him to take a rest. Since we are in a pandemic situation, taking steam at least twice a day will give good results to your child. But proper diagnosis is the most important thing to cure a disease fully. You can visit our clinic if your child is suffering from this kind of disease. 

Side effects of medicine:

There are many side effects of taking medicines, and this is the reason we do not prescribe any medicine to children below six years. Doctors prescribe some specific medicines to children between six and twelve years. Children below six years should follow natural ways to prevent cough problems. So, to get proper treatment, you should call a Cough specialist in Manchester as early as possible.