Protect Yourself a Little Bit More with N95 Masks!

There are so many questions…questions about face masks, so as to how can one utilize them in the best possible way, which masks should be used, what should be the duration, and is it possible to buy them in bulk?

Seeing the uncontrolled exponential rise in the COVID-19 cases, it is completely natural for a person to go on contemplating the ways that can offer maximum protection and shielding from the deadly virus as well as other bacteria and pathogens.

Amongst all the questions, one of the biggest concern a person can ever have is that does use the best quality face mask helps to delay the spread of the coronavirus that triggers COVID-19?

The answer is yes. Face masks along with other prevention steps, such as regular hand washing and social distancing, helps you stay protected to a large extent from this deadly virus.

These facial masks weren’t one among the top five suggestions made by the experts towards the onset of the pandemic. Back then, the experts were unaware of the degree to which people with COVID-19 could be carriers and spread the virus before their symptoms would emerge. The reason behind the mystery that certain people could be actually suffering from COVID-19 but show absolutely zero symptoms was what the experts were laying their eyes on.

Let’s dig a little deeper and get into the details about the functioning of different types of masks:

  1. N95 masks: It is actually a variety of respirators. You are more protected if you are wearing an N95 mask compared to other masks because it can keep 95% of the particulate matter from entering into your system. And this implies to your system as well, just as its name suggests. Some N95 masks have valves that make it easier to breathe through. This form of mask releases unfiltered air as the wearer exhales. Health care providers must pass a fit test to confirm proper seal before using N95 in the workplace. These masks should be disposed of after the usage of a certain time but with a lot of hygiene. Hence, if you come across a place where you can buy N95 masks for sale, make sure you stock up well.
  2. Cloth Masks: A cloth mask is designed to capture droplets that are emitted the minute you talk, cough or sneeze. Cloth face coverings are more likely to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus when people are commonly used in public settings. While surgical and N95 masks may be in short supply and should be reserved for health care providers, cloth masks are easy to find or make and can be washed and reused.
  3. Surgical mask: Often known as a medical mask, a surgical mask is yet another disposable mask that protects your nose and mouth from coming in any contact with droplets, splashes, and sprays that may contain germs. It has the capability to easily filter large particles out of the air and thus surgical masks prove to be of extreme use as they reduce your exposure to any sort of salivary or respiratory secretions.

There are various benefits of using the proper professional respirators such as the N95 mask and KN95 mask. Although these respirators are strict to be used by the medical professionals and other officials to use the mask. Seeing its ever-increasing demand, various top-notch manufacturers have also started to process the manufacturing of the N95 mask in bulk, thus, these masks are also being sold off in bulk.