Protect Your Metals The Smart Way- VCI Packaging

Choosing the right type of packaging is an essential decision for any manufacturer to ensure the safety of their product. It ensures that the product arrives in the customer undamaged. 

When damage is concerned, it is not just physical damages like cracks or breaks but also metal oxidization, if they are exposed to water and air. Hence, ferrous metals require rust-free packaging.

VCI or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor is the solution for anti-corrosive packaging. VCI is a chemical that slows down or prevents the corrosion of the metal product. They constantly vaporize and produce gases that have anti-corrosion properties, and create a layer around the metal surface that doesn’t allow water or air to penetrate. 

Many companies keep spare parts for an uncertain period of time which makes it important for them to be protected. If the metal parts come in contact with water and air, they can be destroyed with rust and the company would suffer huge losses. Since corrosion causes a lot of damage to the metal products, VCI Rust Prevention packaging Paper becomes an excellent solution.

The use of VCI is determined by the climatic conditions, size and weight of the substrate, protection duration, surface contamination, substrate metallurgy, overall packaging design and cost targets.

Zavenir brings you the solution of rust-free packaging with the Daubert VCI products that can be used to provide efficient rust protection and are globally approved by OEMs and meet MIL-Specs requirements.

  1. Daubrite NF- VCI Emitter cum Desiccant

Daubrite NF is a VCI emitter cum desiccant that protects the substrate in enclosed space from corrosion for up to 2 years. It absorbs moisture to emit VCI molecules to prevent corrosion in a continuous cycle. It is based on the Daubret VCI corrosion protection technology and is globally HSE approved.

It reduces the cost per component by lowering the VCI products requirements. It also provides excellent protection against rust during shipping and storage. 

  1. Daubrite MPI Foam

Based on the Daubrite VCI technology, Daubrite MPI Foam is a flexible and non-abrasive type of VCI packaging which provides rust protection along with cushioning. This type of packaging is perfect for products that are sensitive, valuable and require rust protection. The cushioning provides protection from damage and the VCI technology prevents corrosion inside the packaging environment. 

It is non-toxic and globally HSE approved which makes it safe to use. It helps in reducing the Cost Per Component by lowering VCI products requirements. It is multi-metal protective, thin, lightweight and can be used in tight and restricted spaces. 

  1. Daubert VCI Films

These are the packaging films based on the Daubert VCI and Multi-Layer technology which is corrosion protective for up to 2 years. These are globally HSE approved and are heat sealable, strong and stretchable with a wide range of forms and dimensions. They help in reducing Cost Per Component as they require lower VCI products and provide a complete packaging solution for each product. 

These are rust protective sturdy packaging with cushioning from physical damages and can be used in sea conditions. The VCI films allow easy branding and identification of parts due to their transparency and custom printing options. 

  1. Daubert VCI Paper

These are the packaging papers based on the Daubert VCI technology that provides corrosion protection for up to 5 years. These packaging papers are nitrite-free and globally HSE approved. They provide excellent protection from rust and moisture ingress during humidity, shipping and storage. The cushioning feature of the packaging makes it safe from physical damage. It is capable of metals like- ferrous, aluminum, copper, silver (in pure form) and alloys. It allows custom printing options that help in branding the packaging. 

Daubert VCI Paper manufacturers in India are also on the US Department of Defence Qualified Products List for MIL-PRF-3420.

  1. Daubrite 5 VCI Emitters

These are the corrosion prevention devices based on the Daubert VCI Technology, which provide rust protection to the exposed metals inside packaging environments and enclosures. They emit Daubrite 5 volatize to form an invisible layer on the metal to provide protection from corrosion-causing contaminants. 

They are non-toxic, safe to use and globally HSE approved. They have multi-metal protection and can be used in hard-to-reach places. 

Zavenir is a growing company that manufactures specialty chemicals for the metalworking, paint shop, and corrosion protection. Zavenir delivers outstanding solutions as per the global market demands and at affordable prices. The company envisions to evolve into a globally recognized, technology-driven, innovative group of businesses focused on harnessing growth in the range of specialty chemicals with an aim to have products used in every business and household.