How Organizations Can Protect Themselves From The Darknet

Darknet in itself is not a source of threat for corporations or the government; it is definitely a threat to the data that organizations generally put aside for safekeeping in deep web links. It is a very common occurrence that dark web links hackers steal information from deep web databases and put them up for sale on the various dark web markets and hacker forums. Some of the threat actors also cause ransomware attacks on the organizations and demand hefty ransom against the decrypt configuration. On failing to provide them with the demanded money, the cybercriminals sell the data on the tor network causing immense loss to the organizations. The famous hacking of Equifax which is an American base credit company or the infamous attack on Airbus employee’s data being stolen from their secured servers are some of the notorious cases where organizational data is at risk from the hackers. Besides the threat of unknown hackers, there are various criminal minds operating behind the cloak of secrecy. The most famous is the darknet markets also popularly known as DNM.

In light of these major attacks on corporate entities, it is of utmost priority that institutions come forward with advanced methodology so that they can protect their data from malicious hackers which can be found in abundant onion sites link. It is surprising that the darknet markets besides providing banned substances to their customer base also provide services like hacking and assassin for hire. These hackers and threat actors have always in the past have found out new and innovative ways by which they can bypass the advanced security mechanism and steal the information.

Some of the common ways by which darknet hackers are able to get employee data or health records data are by the way of phishing or employing the technique called brute force dictionary attack. This is possible because most of the employees tend to keep the same password and this often acts as a weak link as hackers can break into the accounts by trying different combinations of characters and numbers. So to keep the data safe and sound employees must frequently change passwords and must not respond to any suspicious links or attachments. The most crucial part of the puzzle is not to disclose any personal information on any .onion site or surface websites. You can enquire about anything related to the dark web before directly jumping on a decision.