Prosperous Entrepreneur Mattykevs is an Industry Leader in Music Production and Artist Brand Development

The independent music scene has been in need of new and innovative marketing geniuses to help with the influx of independent artists looking to build their audiences. Leaders like Mattykevs are not only changing the game with music production, but are sacrificing time and resources to help others excel.

Matthew Hunter Kevelson, also known as MattyKevs, was raised in the city of Long Island. Over time, he developed into an exceptional musician and record producer. As a solo artist, he creates all of his own music. He is the kind of person who is willing to assist aspiring musicians get their feet wet in the music industry, regardless of the genre of music.

Everybody has someone who inspired them at some point in their lives. With the inspiration of his mother’s love for the arts, MattyKevs’ now makes music that appeals to a wide range of people, especially those who appreciate exquisite art and the finer things in life. He has a large following of music lovers who like low-fi, acoustic, and downtempo styles of music. On the hunt for fresh talent, he takes inspiration from a variety of styles and incorporates them into his own work.

As an artist, he is well above average. As a CEO, he is a game changer…

Mattykevs enjoys helping other artists realize their dreams as much as he enjoys his own professional success. One of the biggest entertainment industry and social media marketing firms has joined forces to help Mattykevs’ music producer clients achieve their objectives and build an engaged fan base. He also tries to connect with the right individuals in the music business, since it takes time to establish a name for a new musician. Mattykevs has a game-changing strategy for establishing a brand and fan base in such a competitive industry.

What’s next for Mattykevs

With the help of his community and supporters, Mattykevs hopes to prove that a one-man team may nonetheless achieve success.

For this reason, Mattykevs doesn’t hesitate to put both time and money into the work of artists that inspire him.

He is a social media consultant that works with both known artists and up-and-coming bands to help them expand their fan bases on various platforms.

To be successful in the music industry, it’s critical to have a good network of friends and family behind you, and he works hard to show aspiring musician how to do just that.

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